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Moya Institute National Webinar, Perppu Ciptaker Assess Realizing Economic Growth


Jakarta – The Moya Institute held a discussion event regarding the benefits of the issuance of the Job Creation Perppu issued by the Government of Indonesia, including in relation to national economic growth.

Socialization and discussion regarding the Government Regulation in Lieu of a Job Creation Law (Perppu) is indeed a very important thing to do. Therefore, the Moya Institute held a discussion event that presented a number of experts, including the Deputy Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia (Wamenaker RI), Afriansyah Noor; Professor of Business Law at Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Prof. Nindyo Pramono and Political Observer, Emrus Sihombing.

The main purpose of this discussion is an effort to increase understanding, awareness, and also an overview of the Perppu on Job Creation policies and government regulations in the MSME sector.

For information, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) has indeed officially issued Perppu Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation. This must be done by the government because it considers the urgent need to anticipate conditions of global uncertainty, both related to the economy and geopolitics.

With these uncertain conditions, the government really needs to accelerate anticipation of global conditions, including efforts to deal with a global recession, rising inflation and the threat of stagflation.

Moreover, previously, the existence of the Constitutional Court (MK) Decision Number 91/PUU-XVII/2020 related to the Job Creation Law (UU) has greatly influenced how the business world behaves, both those who come from within their own country. as well as those from abroad.

On the other hand, the Government of Indonesia itself continues to strive to be able to attract investment as one of the keys to national economic growth. Therefore, the existence of the Job Creation Perppu is indeed able to provide legal certainty, including for business actors.

In the discussion event organized by the Moya Institute, Deputy Manpower Afriansyah Noor explained that currently Indonesia itself still desperately needs quality job creation. This is because the number of the workforce in the country continues to increase.

Moreover, since being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of unemployed in Indonesia has become more and more, so according to Afriansyah Noor it is very important to have a Job Creation Perppu. He added that the existence of these regulations could also help strengthen the fundamentals of the national economy to continue to maintain competitiveness.

For him, the purpose of the Perppu on Job Creation is to be able to guarantee that all people in Indonesia can receive just and proper rewards and treatment in their working relationships.

Meanwhile, UGM Professor of Business Law, Prof. Nindyo Pramono explained that indeed there are a lot of disruptions that must be faced by the Indonesian people. So if the government does not take swift steps and use the law in a conventional manner, then of course it will take a very long time.

For this reason, in order to be able to cut this long time and be able to make improvements as soon as possible, the government implemented the omnibus law formulation in making the Job Creation Law. However, the Constitutional Court decided that the law had conditional unconstitutional status, which was actually only constrained by procedural matters.

Firmly, Prof. Nindyo Pramono explained that there were absolutely no deficiencies in terms of the substance of the Job Creation Law, but only regarding the procedures so that it needed to be corrected. Therefore, the Government immediately issued the Job Creation Perppu as an effort to fulfill the Constitutional Court’s decision while continuing to anticipate the many global uncertainties that occurred.

On the same occasion, Political Observer, Emrus Sihombing explained that the whole process of drafting the Job Creation Perppu had actually gone through the absorption of aspirations from the public. In fact, it is not just about absorbing aspirations and conveying them, but also discussions in an effort to increase public participation.

Not only that, but according to him, all the content and substance in the Job Creation Law are actually entirely in favor of the people. This is not only a problem for absorbing labor, but will make the people of the country no longer have to look for jobs abroad, in fact this country will become an absorber of many foreign workers.

With the many benefits that are owned and contained in the Job Creation Perppu related to national economic growth, it is indeed very important that there are many socialization agendas and also discussions that have been held by the Moya Institute so that the wider community is increasingly aware of the importance of the Job Creation Perppu.

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