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Radicalism Has the Potential to Trigger Social Conflict and National Disintegration


Jakarta – Radicalism is a forbidden ideology in Indonesia because it can crack the foundations of the nation and state and has the potential to create social conflict. Therefore, the government continues to work to eradicate radicalism so that it does not spread further and trigger national disintegration.

Since Indonesia’s independence in 1945, the nation’s founders have agreed to use Pancasila as the basis of the state. The essence of Pancasila is tolerance, because Indonesia consists of diversity. If radicalism is still entrenched it will undermine the nation’s foundations because it will displace the position of Pancasila. Radical understanding has the potential to create social conflict in this country.

Therefore radicalism is strongly rejected throughout Indonesia. This understanding is prohibited because it can damage the foundation of the nation and state. If radicalism is still entrenched it will undermine the nation’s foundations because it will displace the position of Pancasila.

DPR Commission VIII member Maman Imanulhaq stated that efforts must be made to prevent the spread of ideas that have the potential to cause social conflict and conflict with cultural values ​​and national diversity. Radical groups have important characteristics, namely a single truth claim and easy to blame others. They become a thorn and disaster for the life of religion, nation and state.

In a sense, radicalism is dangerous because they feel they are the most righteous and cannot accept differences in society. Even though Indonesia is a country that consists of different tribes and beliefs, and adheres to the principle of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. Different but one.

If there is a group that blames differences, it cannot be accepted in Indonesia. This country is a pluralist country and accepts 6 different beliefs. Indonesia is not a country that only accepts 1 belief like elsewhere.

However, the radical groups are strangely angry because Indonesia is considered unfit to be a pluralist country. They had no share in the pre-independence era. However, he wants to turn this country into a caliphate which according to him is the most correct, even though it is not in accordance with the conditions of a multi-cultural Indonesian society.

To influence the Indonesian people, radical groups deliberately create social conflict, with the aim of dividing society. If they are already affected, they will be easily recruited to become new cadres, at least become sympathizers. This is very dangerous because it can foster radicalism in Indonesia.

The public is asked to be more aware of radical groups that are pitting one against the other and deliberately igniting social conflict. Remain calm and unswayed by their provocations. Don’t easily believe news, especially if it’s only shared on social media, because it could be a hoax or a mere click-bait trick .

Meanwhile, Member of Commission I DPR RI Taufiq R Abdullah stated that there must be increased vigilance against the spread of radical ideas on social media. Today’s advocates of radicalism seem to understand that social media is the most effective medium for influencing the younger generation.

Taufiq added that the spread of radicalism was very massive on social media and the impact was extraordinary, especially for young people. They (junior high school and high school students) are very vulnerable because they are in a period of searching for identity.

In a sense, radicalism must be increasingly watched out for because many young people today have their own cellphones and are active on social media. Don’t let them be misguided and influenced by radicalism because they are exposed to a variety of radical content that is deliberately spread on social media.

Radical content is very much on social media, especially on Instagram. There’s even a hashtag ( hashtag ) specifically made by them, the goal is to make it easier to search. This must be watched out for because it can poison the minds of young people who are still a bit unstable.

Radical content is proliferating because currently there is too much freedom, so they are afraid that Indonesia will shift from democracy to liberalism. When the gate of reform was opened in 1998, people were euphoric and free to express themselves, because for 32 years they were silenced by the New Order. However, this freedom turned terrible because it was too free to express hate speech and radicalism on social media.

Don’t let the internet change its function, from what was originally to increase knowledge and business networking , instead it becomes a place for spreading hoaxes and radicalism content. When young people are almost addicted to the internet and open social media every day, then they must be equipped with digital literacy. The goal is to be safe from the persuasion of radical groups.

Society must reject radical ideas because it is dangerous for the life of the nation and state. Do not let Indonesia be destroyed because of the actions of radical groups and terrorists. Therefore, all Indonesian citizens must reject radical ideas that have the potential to cause social conflict and create chaos in society.

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