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Reveals Terrorist Affiliated Political Parties, BNPT: Infiltrating the Democratic System


Jakarta — Revealing that apparently there are political parties (political parties) which are indicated to be affiliated with terrorist networks, the Head of the BNPT stated that they were trying to infiltrate the democratic system in Indonesia.

Police Commissioner General Boy Rafli Amar stated that it was undeniable that there were indeed political parties affiliated with terrorist networks.

“I can’t say there isn’t. But the truth is there,” he said

In fact, according to him, they already have a strategic change that has become a strategy to be able to enter and infiltrate the country’s democratic system.

“There has been a change in strategy from bullets to ballot boxes. This change in strategy is a strategy for affiliated networks, including intolerant groups, to be part of a democratic party, to be included in our democratic system,” explained Komjen Boy.

Previously, the Head of the BNPT explained that there were political parties that could not pass the selection and verification because they had indications of affiliation with terrorist networks.

“Affiliated huh. (His political party) Did not pass verification. Because yes, we have received input from the start and God willing, those that pass are clear in nature. So some of those who did not qualify are what we said today, there are indications,” he said.

According to him, the affiliated political parties will not be included in the ranks of political participants in the upcoming 2024 election.

Furthermore, Komjen Boy then appealed to all people to continue to guard and be vigilant.

Knowing the background of political party administrators and also what is the basis of the platform they use is important.

“We must guard against going forward, not to form a new party, but it turns out that the board members have a background in intolerant, radical, and terrorism groups. Administrative background. Not to mention the platform, so the party principle platform cannot be separated from the state ideology of Pancasila. That’s all we have to take care of, “explained Boy.

Boy claimed that his party was involved in the party verification process.

In addition, the BNPT was also asked for clarification regarding the existence of certain new parties whose candidates for administrators were indicated to be affiliated with terrorist network groups.

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