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Towards the Inauguration of the PYCH Building, Dozens of Papuan Youths Prepare for Creative Performances


Papua – Dozens of young Papuans have prepared themselves ahead of the inauguration of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) Building in Jayapura, Papua. They are talented young Papuans who were selected in the selection of models in an audition held by Inspiring Young Papuans (PMI) at PYCH Jayapura. They were very enthusiastic about the inauguration of the PYCH Building which will become an icon for the creativity of young Papuans.

PMI General Coordinator Billy Mambrasar revealed that hundreds of young Papuans enthusiastically took part in the audition. They will appear wearing the best clothes by designers native to the Land of Papua.

“We held a model audition, hundreds of participants took part and all were very talented. But the best of the best were chosen, there were 30 models selected,” said Billy after an audition at the PYCH building, Abepura, Jayapura City, Papua, some time ago.

Previously, it was known that the PYCH building would be managed and implemented by a youth organization under the auspices of BIN, namely PMI, where they together with BIN continued to check the readiness of the PYCH building before it would be inaugurated directly by President Jokowi on March 21, 2023.

Deputy IV for Economic Intelligence at BIN, I Made Kartika Jaya, said that the construction of the PYCH Building had been 100% complete and would soon be inaugurated by President Jokowi.

He added that through the PYCH building, PMI will carry out various forms of work programs that they have, which of course has the main aim of being able to improve the welfare of the people in Papua. not only that, but PMI itself will also continue to increase collaboration with various parties, also continue to carry out self-development and continue to strive to become the engine of human resource development for the younger generation of Cendrawasih Earth.

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