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Supporting the Role of Islamic Boarding Schools in Preventing Radicalism and Realizing Peaceful Elections


By : Haikal Fathan Akbar )*

In order to realize peaceful elections, one way is to ward off radicalism. The reason is because attacks from radical groups and terrorists increased during the election, especially during the campaign period. Islamic boarding schools (Ponpes) as places of quality education also help the government to ward off radicalism and teach religious values ​​that are full of peace.

Radicalism continues to be prevented so as not to indoctrinate the younger generation, because if left alone this nation will be damaged by it. Radicalism also threatens the smooth running of the elections and the authorities are on alert to prevent attacks from radical groups and terrorists. Radical groups threaten bombings or other attacks because they don’t like various government programs, such as elections.

But unfortunately radicalism still exists in Indonesia. Therefore, the authorities are trying hard to quell radicalism. Then, Islamic boarding schools also assist the government in its mission to eradicate radicalism, so that all 2024 election processions run smoothly without the threat of bombings.

During a visit to the Darul Ilmi Islamic Boarding School, Landasan Ulun, Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan, the Head of the Mitra Ropenmas Division of the National Police Public Relations Division, Commissioner Pol Ahmad, stated that this visit was in order to establish ties as well as to carry out socialization regarding the prevention and handling of radical and terrorist ideas.

Ahmad Musthofa continued, radicalism could threaten the harmony and existence of the Republic of Indonesia. The National Police and the Government request that the Islamic Boarding School and Santri Teachers assist the Government in its efforts to provide protection and welfare for all citizens.

The government and Polri cannot work alone without the help and participation of the community, including Islamic boarding schools. This assistance can take the form of providing information to the police about the potential for radicalism in their respective areas.

In that sense, radicalism can be prevented by the role of Islamic Boarding School administrators. At Islamic boarding schools, religious knowledge and its application in society are taught. Ustads and ulama teach good values ​​and they also support government programs, including elections.

Radicalism cannot exist in Islamic boarding schools because they are a deviant sect. In religious teachings there is no coercion, or even the taking of other people’s lives by means of bombing. Therefore, Islamic boarding schools strongly oppose radicalism.

Moreover, ahead of the 2024 election, there are threats from radical and terrorist groups. The Islamic boarding school is also alert in maintaining election conduciveness by teaching anti-radicalism. Don’t let individuals infiltrate Islamic boarding schools and spread radicalism, because this is strictly prohibited.

Meanwhile, Ustad Achmad Zaenal stated that radicalism or radicalism, even acts of terror, are still a threat. Not only in Indonesia but also in various countries in the world.

Those who have radical views that lead them to acts of terrorism use religion as a vehicle. The practices they display have actually injured religion itself. 

In fact, religion is a teaching to do good to others, even to nature. All of this is summarized in the teaching of “being a mercy to all nature” or the teaching of love. So why do those with rigid views take shortcuts, turning their backs on the noble teachings of a religion full of compassion?

This is where Islamic boarding schools are important to protect people from radicalism and terrorism. There needs to be socialization that religion does not need to involve violence as is done by radical groups. Even the prophet himself preached in a gentle and non-forceful manner.

Therefore, Ustad Achmad Zaenal appealed to Islamic boarding schools to also speak out against radicalism. Don’t let anyone abuse the place for learning religion and goodness, becoming a place to spread radicalism and terrorism. Radicalism is dangerous because it could threaten the continuity of the 2024 elections.

To prevent radicalism and terrorism, people must understand religious moderation. The reason is because when someone understands religious moderation then he is in the middle and is not drawn into extremism, and understands that differences are normal. 

Tolerance is one of the core tenets of religious moderation. If many people are tolerant then they respect each other. Therefore, in Islamic boarding schools, besides being taught about the Yellow Book and religious knowledge, they are also taught about tolerance. In this way, the students will be more moderate and tolerant, and not easily blame others.

With the teachings in Islamic boarding schools such as peace, tolerance and religious moderation, the community is optimistic that the 2024 elections will run smoothly. The reason is because the students and residents around the Islamic boarding school already understand the dangers of radicalism and are able to maintain tolerance well.

The community supports the role of Islamic boarding schools to help the government in countering radicalism. This is done by teaching peace, tolerance and religious moderation. Islamic boarding schools support the smooth running of the elections and do not want any interference from radical and terrorist groups.

)* Contributor to Vimedia Pratama Institute

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