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Support Catching Terrorists Ahead of Nataru


By: Lukman Keenan Adar )*

Society fully supports the arrest of terrorists because the atmosphere will be safer. With the arrest of the terrorist members, it is hoped that Nataru will walk without terror, either in houses of worship or other places.

Nataru was greeted with joy because the children had their semester off and they could travel or just play in the park. The people are also happy because welcoming Christmas, they will worship then gather with their families, then eat together and exchange gifts. The end of the year will be even more beautiful because the pandemic is also starting to subside and PPKM is relaxed.

However, this family atmosphere can be broken when there is a threat from a terrorist group. If you look at previous years , Nataru has been a disaster due to bombings and threats of violence at places of worship. Therefore, the government and security forces are trying hard to create a conducive atmosphere. One of them with the arrest of terrorists.

On December 16, 2022, a terrorist was arrested at a car repair shop in Tebing Tinggi. Head of Operational Assistance Section for Densus 88 anti-terror Kombes Aswin Siregar stated that the terrorist had the initials IS and was a resident of Sergai District, Tebing Tinggi. After the arrest, his house was searched and some evidence was found.

Terrorists are arrested because to prevent threats from radical groups and terrorists. Therefore, precautionary measures are taken by arresting terrorist members. If only one is caught then he can become an informant to the interrogating apparatus. Nataru and other events are safe without any interference from the terrorists. Don’t let people be afraid to worship and celebrate Christmas because of a bomb threat.

At that time, Nataru was indeed sensitive and did not let the issue of SARA (ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group) result in bombings and attacks and make the end of the year sad . Therefore, the community fully supports countermeasures against terror by arresting terrorists. Densus 88 is working well for public safety.

Appreciation should also be given to the anti-terror Detachment 88 for moving swiftly in arresting terrorist members. The reason is, if left alone, they will be dangerous because they can freely carry out terror, especially when Nataru. People must be given a sense of security when going to worship, so that no one can threaten or bomb a sacred place such as a house of worship.

Apart from Tebing Tinggi, terrorist arrests also took place in Central Kalimantan. The Head of Public Relations Division of the Public Relations Division of the National Police, Kombes Pol Ahmad Ramadhan, stated that the three terrorists had the initials A, Z, and M. Based on the results of the investigation, the three terrorists had planned to carry out attacks and bombings.

Kombes Pol Ahmad Ramadhan added, the anti-terror Densus 88 continuously arrests terrorists in order to anticipate terror threats. So far, arrests have not only been made ahead of Nataru, to maintain public safety.

Once caught, terrorist members can be threatened with a sentence starting from 5 years in prison, even for life. These punishments were felt to be appropriate because they disturbed public order and security. Don’t let this country be destroyed because of the terrorists who carried out their actions, both at Nataru and at other moments.

The public appreciates the arrest of the terrorists because they can celebrate Christmas in peace, without fear of the threat of bombing. They can also go on year-end holidays without worrying about attacks in public places. The authorities tried hard to keep the community safe during Nataru.

If a terrorist member is caught by the anti-terror Detachment 88, it is hoped that the other terrorist members who have not been caught will shrink and cancel their actions to terrorize the people and the general public during Nataru. They were afraid that the Detachment would also ban them, and then let Nataru just like that.

Other terrorist members will also think twice about showing themselves, because currently the raids and wax operations are getting tighter. The police and Densus 88 don’t want to be left behind. Therefore security will be more intensive ahead of Nataru.

The arrest of terrorist members is proof that Densus 88 and the security forces are serious about securing ahead of Nataru. The people must be protected by their rights to worship and celebrate holidays. There should be no threats or bombings that could destroy Nataru’s serenity.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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