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2023 AIS Forum Summit, President Jokowi Ensures Indonesia is at the Front Row Supporting AIS Forum to Keep Moving Forward


Bali – President Joko Widodo said Indonesia will always be at the forefront in supporting the AIS Forum as a forum for cooperation between archipelagic and island countries to continue to progress.

“Indonesia as a maritime country will continue to be at the forefront of supporting the AIS Forum as an inclusive cooperation between archipelagic and island countries,” said President Joko Widodo when giving a press statement at the AIS Forum 2023 Bali Summit, Wednesday 11/10/2023.

President Jokowi also committed that Indonesia will continue to support the use of grant funds to overcome climate change and create new innovations for sustainable marine governance.

“Indonesia is also committed to preparing grant funds to be used, especially in overcoming climate change and developing new innovations and sustainable marine governance,” he concluded.

President Jokowi further explained that various AIS collaborations have also provided concrete benefits to the community, including coastal communities, through the provision of joint research funding scholarships, development of AIS Blue, Startup Hap, MSME digitalization training, development of innovative funding.

Meanwhile, President Jokowi reminded all members of the AIS Forum that the world is not doing well at the moment, the threat of climate change is very real, sea level rise, marine pollution by rubbish and waste, and the impact is increasingly felt and threatens not only the sustainability of the sea. but also the sovereignty and territorial unity of the country

On this occasion, “the 2023 AIS Forum Summit agreed to uphold the principles of solidarity, equality and inclusiveness as a common basis for working together. Developing countries and island countries have the same right to progress, have the same right to carry out development,” stressed President Jokowi.

“Therefore, collaboration and unity between archipelagic countries and island states is really needed to be able to grow together and overcome the various existing challenges,” he said.

The implementation of the AIS Summit is one of Indonesia’s commitments to work together at a higher level as an international organization in taking concrete steps to handle regional and world issues and to continue to voice the interests of developing countries and archipelagic countries, he added.

“For Indonesia, the sea is not a divider, but the sea is actually a uniter, the sea is actually a glue and a link,” he added

At this AIS Forum, Indonesia invites all countries present to maintain unity and collaboration even in a divided world because collaboration is the key to progress, said President Jokowi.

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