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Indonesia Successfully Leads the World Island and Island Countries Forum Through the AIS Summit


Bali – The Archipelagic and Island States Summit (AIS Summit) Forum in Bali closed on Wednesday (11/10). The completion of this event also marked Indonesia’s success in leading the world’s island and archipelagic countries forum.

In his press conference after the AIS Summit, President Jokowi initially explained the world situation which is under threat from climate and marine pollution. Therefore, he invited all parties to increase cooperation.

“The implementation of this AIS Summit is one of Indonesia’s commitments to work together at a higher level as an international organization in taking concrete steps to handle regional and world issues and to continue to voice the interests of developing countries and archipelagic countries.” Said the President broadcast on the SetPers YouTube channel, on Wednesday (11/10)

The President also emphasized that as a maritime country, Indonesia will continue to support the existence of the AIS Forum as an inclusive cooperation between archipelagic countries and island countries.

“Indonesia is also committed to preparing grant funds to be utilized, especially in overcoming climate change and developing new innovations and sustainable marine governance,” added the President

The Head of State continued that various AIS collaborations have also provided concrete benefits to society, including coastal communities, through the provision of joint research funding scholarships, development of AIS Blue, Startup Hap, MSME digitalization training, development of innovative funding.

On this occasion, President Jokowi also invited all countries present to maintain unity and collaboration even in the midst of a divided world.

“Indonesia invites all countries present to maintain unity and collaboration even in the midst of a divided world because collaboration is the key to progress.” he concluded

Previously, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno stated that the AIS Forum had signed the Climate Promise Project, namely a decarbonization roadmap for the tourism sector. These regulations were prepared by the government of the Republic of Indonesia and the United Nation Development Program (UNDP).

“The blueprint or roadmap was presented at the Indonesia Policy Showcase at the AIS Blue Economy Dialogue event yesterday Monday 9 October 2023 and was signed this morning at the 5th Ministerial Meeting of the AIS Forum this Wednesday 10 October 2023,” he said

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy added that there are three subsectors in the decarbonization roadmap, first is tourism attractions, especially destinations, second is tourism accommodation and third is tours and travel. The roadmap is expected to reduce carbon gas emissions.

“Of course we will follow up on this by measuring baselines and measuring emission targets from the tourism sector as well as preparing a reporting system to accompany tourism on its zero emissions journey, hopefully in 2060 or earlier,” he said.

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