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Able to Reduce Poverty, Ganjar Prepares Program to Improve the Quality of Education for Poor People


DELI SERDANG — Able to reduce poverty in society, Ganjar Pranowo has prepared a program to improve the quality of education for poor people.

It is known that the presidential candidate promoted by the PDI Perjuangan coalition met with groups of farmers, fishermen and cultural figures in Pasar VI Kualanamu Village, Beringin District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra Province (North Sumatra).

During the visit, Ganjar Pranowo greeted the community while introducing his program, namely one poor family, one graduate.

In his speech, the former Governor of Central Java for two terms said that he really wanted a government that was free from corruption and was also able to reduce the poverty rate.

Therefore, one of the keys is the quality of education which must be good. For this reason, he prepared a program for one poor family, one scholar.

“Why do we want to push that? “Because with a good education, God willing, you will get a good job and good pay,” said Ganjar.

“If that happens, then the child from one of those families, God willing, will become the backbone to lift poverty from his family,” he added.

Ganjar Pranowo said that the idea was inspired by his personal life.

“Because I didn’t have the money to pay for school, but we are not people who give up easily,” he said.

The strong commitment that the Ganjar-Mahfud couple has in the education sector is also appreciated by many parties.

On another occasion, the General Chairperson of the Al Jami’iyatul Washliyah Executive Board, Masyhuril Khamis assessed that Ganjar’s figure was able to solve educational problems, including improving the welfare of educational teachers and religious teachers.

He strongly believes that Ganjar Pranowo is a good person and is able to encourage goodness and can pay more attention to the world of education to teachers, including in remote areas.

“For example, if there is something called an award, in fact, in our opinion, today it is the door to blessings. Why? “Because they are scholars, teachers work to save morals or character,” said Masyhuril.

“We are sure that when the time comes for Mas Ganjar to get his trust, that’s when it feels like this is what we want to convey to get attention,” he added.

For information, when he arrived at the location during a visit to Deli Serdang, Ganjar Pranowo was immediately greeted by thousands of people and they all shouted at him as president.

He was also dressed in a Malay tanjak and songket and wore a typical Batak ulos, greeted with traditional gamelan dance and music.

“Reward the President, reward the President, win,” shouted residents at the location.

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