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Visits North Sumatra, Ganjar urges no verbal abuse in the elections


NORTH SUMATRA — During a visit to Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra Province (North Sumatra), Ganjar Pranowo appealed to volunteers and all parties not to allow verbal abuse in the upcoming 2024 elections.

The presidential candidate supported by the PDI Perjuangan coalition also asked all his volunteers not to get involved, even to the point of making fun of and getting carried away with developments in the latest political situation.

“Well, if there is something that you are a little dissatisfied with about the current political situation, don’t make fun of it. Don’t be insulting. Don’t curse, just leave it like that. We don’t need to get involved. “Let’s just concentrate,” said Ganjar.

He then asked the volunteers to focus enough to continue winning with Mahfud MD in the upcoming presidential election and for all volunteers to remain united.

According to the former Governor of Central Java for two periods, good volunteers must be sincere in their actions and able to understand the situation so that their spirit of togetherness cannot fade.

“And true volunteers are sincere. Yang lillahita’ala. “Those who move, those who can understand the existing spiritual circumstances and situations,” said Ganjar.

During the visit, the man who had also served as a Member of the Republic of Indonesia’s DPR for two terms also met with farmers and fishermen.

Farmers and fishermen complained to Ganjar about the soaring prices of basic necessities and how difficult it was to get subsidized fertilizer.

During his visit, Ganjar was greeted very enthusiastically and lively, he was even greeted with a typical Malay welcoming dance and he was dressed in typical Malay cloth, namely Tengkuluk and Sampin.

The cry of Ganjar President 2024 also echoed during the trip and meeting.

“Reward the President,” shouted the residents.

“Win, win, win,” answered thousands of volunteers and residents.

On the same occasion, the PDI Perjuangan cadre also gave a set of gamelan instruments to Javanese artists in North Sumatra.

“Hopefully this is useful for preserving our culture. Keep practicing and never get tired of preserving culture. “We are realizing Bung Karno’s spirit, making this nation have a personality in culture,” said Ganjar when handing over the aid.

Thousands of people who came immediately applauded, they were very happy because they had a leader who cared about the traditional culture of the country.

“We from the North Sumatra arts community are very happy and proud to receive assistance with gamelan instruments from Mr. Ganjar. “This is proof that Mr. Ganjar really loves Indonesian culture,” said Paryono, owner of the Melati Putih art studio.

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