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Acehnese Youth Respond to Digital Transformation Through AMANAH Training Program


Acehnese youth have become very responsive to digital transformation through training in the series of Aneuk Muda Aceh Excellent and Great (AMANAH) programs designed by the State Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BIN RI).

It is clear that the younger generation must receive more serious attention if they want them to become superior and great human resources (HR), one of the efforts is by holding well-programmed training to prepare Acehnese youth to be responsive to any situation.

Talking about changing times and developments in information and communication technology, digital transformation is clearly something that will definitely happen and is a necessity. Therefore, the best step to deal with this is to prepare the youth of Aceh through training in the AMANAH Program.

The nation’s future young generation indeed has a very important role as the key in the era of digital transformation which continues to develop today. In fact, they have enormous potential to become the main driving force in realizing change towards a more digital society.

Moreover, young people also usually have a high sense of curiosity so they can continue to feel enthusiastic about sharing their views and listening to various kinds of fresh ideas from everyone.

It cannot be denied that the existence of the Aneuk Muda Aceh Excellent and Great (AMANAH) Program initiated by the State Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BIN RI) is a very positive step to continue to encourage enthusiasm for research and innovation among the youth of Rencong Country.

Many parties hope that with this program, it will be able to become a source of inspiration and motivation for the nation’s next generation of young people in Aceh, even for young people in all corners of this country to be able to participate in designing the digital future in Indonesia.

The existence of the AMANAH Program itself is a means to share knowledge, experience and views on the very important role of Acehnese youth in digital transformation. With additional guidance from BIN, the program is able to create a space for the younger generation to further develop and contribute to future scientific and technological developments.

Digital transformation itself has now penetrated all lines of life so that it must be able to be utilized by young people in achieving success in their lives. The reason is, this also opens up many opportunities for the nation’s next generation to further develop their competence and creativity on various digital platforms.

For example, maybe fifteen or twenty years ago, no one would have thought that making videos and then uploading them on social media could actually be a profession that could be relied on to gain a lot of financial benefits like today’s society.

Not only creative industry players, but digital transformation also requires business actors to think about creating various new innovations. So, of course, Acehnese youth should not be left behind in freeing up their thinking horizons in achieving success.

In this regard, the State Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BIN RI) then provided a training and coaching program called Aneuk Muda Aceh Unggul dan Besar (AMANAH).

According to Deputy Minister of Communication and Information (Wamenkominfo) Nezar Patria, the AMANAH program aims to encourage the entire young generation of Aceh to be able to prepare for digital transformation by continuing to provide training on their skills.

Through all the training in this program, it is possible for the next generation of the people from Tanah Rencong not to suffer from old illnesses and continue to grow new hybrids, continue to learn and continue to open their minds, they will see how the world moves.

In the 21st century, as it is now, digital transformation has occurred in many places globally. So readiness as the young generation of Aceh is certainly needed so that they can be much more adaptive and take advantage of the digitalization that is taking place.

Therefore, the youth of Serambi Mecca should be able to take part in a series of useful activities to fill their time, such as training in the AMANAH Program initiated by BIN.

There are a series of activities related to digital transformation education, such as literacy, digital scholarship, digital leadership academy and so on. They are all able to learn anything and use it as an opportunity to further enrich their digital skills.

Digital mastery is very important for the youth of Aceh so they must continue to prepare themselves to be responsive to digital transformation, which is optimal preparation through training in the AMANAH Program.

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