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Maintaining Synergy and a Conducive Situation Ahead of the Constitutional Court’s Decision


The Constitutional Court (MK) trial is attracting public attention ahead of the 2024 Election dispute decision. Therefore, it is important to maintain calm, be open and respect whatever decision the 2024 Election dispute trial results because this is the only way to resolve the dispute.

The Constitutional Court’s plan to hold a hearing on the 2024 presidential election dispute decision will be held on April 22 2024. During the trial process at the Constitutional Court, the political elite and supporters of each presidential and vice presidential candidate pair are expected to maintain the situation so that it remains safe and conducive.

The Constitutional Court (MK) opened the submission of the trial conclusions and additional evidence submitted by the applicant, respondent, related parties and Bawaslu RI regarding the dispute over election results and the final deadline for submission was April 16 2024.

The role of various parties working together to create and maintain conduciveness ahead of the Constitutional Court’s decision is very much needed. In facing these challenges, being wise, calm and prioritizing dialogue is the key to ensuring that the legal process can run smoothly. Only then, can we strengthen the foundations of our democracy and ensure justice for all citizens.

As carried out by one of the community organizations (ormas) in DIY, it is committed to maintaining conduciveness ahead of the Constitutional Court’s decision hearing. Regarding this matter, the 9th Star Brigade Syuro Council, KH Imam Syajaroh or usually known as Gus Jaroh, revealed that the political situation and temperature were considered to have subsided during the KPUD vote recapitulation deadline. However, he considers political conditions to be heating up again when the Indonesian KPU will announce the results of the Plenary Session on the National Vote Obtaining for the Presidential/Legacy Election. This condition was marked by the emergence of several demonstrations at the DPR RI, KPU RI, and Bawaslu RI. Not only that, the MK office was also not spared from demonstrations.

Gus Jaroh said that in Indonesia demonstrations are permitted by law. However, Gus Jaroh asked during demonstrations to always prioritize Akhlakul Kharimah, namely in polite ways, upholding eastern customs, not destroying public facilities which would actually be detrimental to society and the state, as well as disrupting peace and public order.

He invites all members of the community and elements of society in Yogyakarta to maintain a conducive security and social security situation. Development in the districts/cities in DI Yogyakarta is the result of the people’s contribution.

The construction of public facilities comes from community contributions, in the form of parking tax levies, traditional markets, entertainment, restaurants, hotels, and vehicle tax revenue sharing so that the community must safeguard government and community-owned assets.

He also emphasized that his party rejects anarchism, violence and riots in expressing opinions in public or demonstrations. Gus Jaroh explained that there were six main points in the Cross-Organization Gathering. These six points include first, said Gus Jaroh, conveying opinions in public based on the principles of balance, rights and obligations and prioritizing deliberation to reach consensus.

The second point is conveying all forms of aspirations in the form of expressing opinions in public safely, orderly and peacefully, as well as politely and responsibly. Third, according to him, by rejecting all forms of anarchism and rioting in expressing opinions in public.

Fourth, do not provide space for and reject all forms of intolerance, violence, radicalism, anarchism, racism and separatism. Then fifth is to fully support the steps and actions of the National Police and TNI to take firm action against the perpetrators of violence, riots and anarchism. 

Sixth, work together and cooperate to maintain and maintain the security and social security situation in Yogyakarta to remain safe and conducive during the 2024 election stages, especially during the lawsuit process and after the decision on the dispute over the 2024 election results by the Constitutional Court judges.

The call to maintain a conducive situation also came from the leadership of one of the largest community organizations in Indonesia, Muhammadiyah. In this case, Muhammadiyah Central Leadership (PP) General Secretary Abdul Mu’ti appealed to the public to prepare their minds ahead of the Constitutional Court’s decision regarding the 2024 presidential election dispute which is planned to be held on April 22 2024. 

The General Secretary of PP Muhammadiyah considers that resolving the 2024 Election dispute through the Constitutional Court is a constitutional and elegant resolution effort. Therefore, he hopes that the election dispute decision hearing process at the Constitutional Court can run peacefully.

Not only that, General Secretary of Muhammadiyah Central Leadership (PP) Abdul Mu’ti was also grateful that all trial processes had been completed. This was marked by the presence of all witnesses and related parties to testify before the Constitutional Court Judges. 

He also hopes that all elements of society can prepare themselves mentally, both spiritually and politically. This is because the Constitutional Court’s decision is the only way to resolve election disputes constitutionally. Therefore, the Constitutional Court’s decision will be final and binding.

The public’s reaction to the Constitutional Court’s decisions is often an important factor in maintaining social stability. Therefore, the public is always advised not to be provoked and to maintain a conducive situation ahead of the election dispute decision hearing as a reflection of democratic maturity.

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