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Acting Regent of Nagan Raya, Fitriany Farhas: The AMANAH Program Has Great Potential for Aceh Youth


Aceh – The Aneuk Muda Aceh Excellent and Great (AMANAH) program initiated by the State Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BIN RI) has great potential, especially activities that are targeted at young people.

This was conveyed by the Acting Regent of Nagan Raya, Fitriany Farhas when interviewed by Pancasila TV in Aceh, Friday 19/04/2024.

“Why do I say this is something that is very necessary, especially for Aceh, we know that Aceh is one of the poorest areas in Sumatra. “So for that we need young people who have the capacity and competence to take Aceh in particular to a more advanced direction.” Fitriany said.

Fitriany believes that Aceh lacks superior human resources. He wants to especially bring the Nagan Raya area to develop its potential, from fisheries, agriculture, even in the IT sector and MSMEs. These fields have a shortage of Human Resources. He wants to encourage young people who have highly creative ideas, because these young people have enormous potential.

“I fully support this AMANAH program to move several areas that are really needed by Aceh, especially to lead to better progress, especially its economy.” said Fitriany.

Fitriany also highlighted that natural resources are not supported by qualified human resources. According to him, this will not improve the economy. It’s like, if we provide any subsidy, it will not develop if there are no human resources who have good capacity and quality. So, he feels confident that with the existence of this AMANAH program, a place for young people to develop ideas, innovation and creativity in carrying out activities that support the economy, Aceh can be better and more advanced.

“How can young people be creative, have ideas, have innovation to develop idle land, land that already exists and is available, but how do they process it, bring out their ideas, bring out their innovation, their creativity to develop their potential. “By developing potential, he creates, for example, how to become a millennial farmer, or how to create MSMEs that attract people.” Fitriany continued.

Fitriany believes that the potential of the Aceh region can be developed if the people or young people of Aceh are fully supported. Not just given incentives but really supported, not only now but still accompanied until they can be independent, can be released like the children on the island of Java who were released, because the young people of Aceh must really be looked after. He is very confident that this can advance the economy, especially in Aceh.

The AMANAH program has great potential to be developed in Aceh. Moreover, Aceh has quite extensive land. One of them is in Nagan Raya Regency. Aceh is also famous for its culture. This can be developed, including with IT and MSMEs. So, the people or youth of Aceh should not only be oriented towards becoming employees, but also towards developing MSMEs and becoming their own bosses.

Fitriany admitted that she was worried about the impact of the influx of information from abroad on the lives of young people in Aceh. He hopes that the AMANAH Program can direct the desires and interests of Aceh’s young people in accordance with the potential of their region so that they can remain highly competitive.

“What I see now is that the influx of information from abroad has a big impact on young people who are still young. So, there must be a shield for oneself through religion, customs and culture in Aceh itself, and indeed there must be a filter. I think the influx of foreign culture can make our young people lose their ideas and creativity, because they want to be very rich like the YouTubers on TV. However, not everyone can become a YouTuber because people have different backgrounds. If there is this AMANAH program, he can be more focused and directed about his desires or interests in what fields, what potential in his area. So it still has to be in accordance with one’s passion and in accordance with one’s area as well.” said Fitriany.

Fitriany hopes that the AMANAH program will be right on target, on time, right for use and with the right people. So, young Acehnese people who have innovation, creativity and bright ideas can be accommodated, especially those who have great potential to develop Acehnese society, especially the economy in Aceh. They are given job opportunities, don’t wait until they are finished and there is no one to accommodate them, in the end they return to Jakarta or abroad to look for work opportunities. It’s very unfortunate, if we have educated from upstream, but we don’t have it downstream. When these young people according to the BIN program have been educated and recruited, they must have their own platform that they can build totally to help Aceh. That way, the people of Aceh, especially the economy, can improve.

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