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AMANAH Program Building the Potential of Local Young People Towards Aceh’s Economic Progress


Aceh – Acting Regent of Nagan Raya, Fitriany Farhas, expressed her support for the AMANAH program which aims to help develop the potential of young Acehnese people, especially in the Aceh region. In his statement, he highlighted the importance of producing superior Human Resources (HR) to encourage regional economic progress, especially amidst the economic challenges facing Aceh.

Fitriany Farhas said that Aceh has great potential in various sectors, such as fisheries, agriculture, creative industries and information technology (IT). However, the lack of quality human resources has become an obstacle in optimizing this potential.

In this context, it highlights the importance of supporting young people with creative and innovative ideas to develop these economic sectors. The AMANAH program can be a forum for Acehnese youth to express their brilliant ideas and implement them in developing various potential economic sectors.

“I emphasize the importance of developing the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector as a strategy to reduce unemployment levels and improve community welfare,” said (Acting) Regent of Nagan Raya when he was a resource person in the Pancasila TV National Dialogue Program online from Aceh Friday. 4/19/2024.

By providing more support to MSMEs and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit among young people, it is hoped that new jobs will be created and overall economic growth will increase, he concluded.

Apart from that, the Acting Regent of Nagan Raya also highlighted the need to maintain Aceh’s identity and culture in the midst of increasingly strong globalization. “We emphasize the importance of fostering Aceh’s religious, traditional and cultural values ​​as a shield for the younger generation in facing the influence of foreign culture which can eliminate local creativity and identity,” he said.

The hope is that the AMANAH program can be the right and effective solution in supporting Aceh’s economic growth, especially through empowering young people. “By providing the right support and ensuring this program is right on target, it is hoped that the AMANAH Program can produce a quality generation and be able to bring this area towards better progress,” added Fitriany Farhas.

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