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Active Community Participation Prevents the Spread of Radicalism Ahead of the Election


In a democratic country, elections or general elections are one of the most important peak events. This momentum means that every citizen has the opportunity to participate in the democratic process by casting their vote to elect their leader.

However, there are threats related to the election, one of which is the spread of radicalism. Leading up to elections, extremist impulses often emerge who want to take advantage of this situation for their own purposes. This is why preventing the spread of radicalism ahead of elections is key to maintaining a safe and fair democratic process.

Central Java Regional Police continue to intensify outreach and appeals to the public regarding the dangers of the spread of radical ideology and potential acts of terrorism ahead of the 2024 Election. Head of Public Relations of the Central Java Regional Police, Police Commissioner. Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto said that active community participation in monitoring and reporting suspicious activities is one of the keys to mitigating this threat.

Satake also highlighted the importance of educating the public regarding the potential for individuals or groups who may be affiliated with radicalism or terrorism activities. The Central Java Regional Police is committed to providing protection and making the 2024 elections a success. For this reason, Satake emphasized that synergy between security forces and the community is a solid foundation in creating a safe and conducive environment.

Apart from that, the East Java Terrorism Prevention Coordination Forum (FKPT) also considers that the family and school are the main strongholds in preventing the emergence of attitudes of intolerance and radicalism.

Chair of the East Java FKTP, Hesti Armiwulan, in Malang, East Java, said that instilling the values ​​of tolerance and peace from an early age in families, schools and universities is a step to prevent intolerance and radicalism.

Apart from that, the family and school environment is also considered necessary to provide strengthening of national insight and inclusive religious thinking to prevent the emergence of attitudes of intolerance and radicalism.

In an effort to carry out early detection by empowering all components of society, in order to prevent the spread of radical ideas through exclusive recitation activities, digital literacy efforts are needed to have an inclusive understanding.

During the implementation of elections, high political tensions often arise. Competition between political parties and their supporters can create an environment that is vulnerable to exploitation by radical groups who want to destabilize the situation. The emergence of political polarization in society has also become an easy target for these radical groups to create divisions and then promote their agenda and attract supporters.

Therefore, active community participation is one of the keys to preventing the spread of radicalism. The communities involved have a very important role in maintaining the stability and security of the country. Religious and Community Leaders can help build better understanding between individuals and reduce tensions that might trigger radicalism. In the digital era, the public can play a role in monitoring social media to identify and report radical content that may appear on these platforms.

All of this requires awareness, education and active involvement from all levels of society. With cooperation between authorities, community organizations and individuals, we can create a safer and more tolerant environment, in which it is more difficult for radicalism to thrive.

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