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Additional New Autonomous Region for Solving Problems in Papua


Currently there are 4 new autonomous regions (DOB) in Papua, namely the Provinces of Central Papua, Southwest Papua, South Papua and Highlands Papua. The addition of the new autonomous region brings many benefits, one of which is solving problems in Papua. For example economic, social, and educational problems.

It has been a year since Papua had 4 new autonomous regions, which proves that President Jokowi’s government really cares about the people of Bumi Cendrawasih. Papua is privileged so that there is equitable development in eastern Indonesia. The addition of new autonomous regions was carried out to solve problems in Papua.

Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin stated that the government continues to work to resolve various problems in Papua, especially through progress monitoring and thorough evaluation of stakeholders. One way is to add DOB.

The Vice President continued, security problems must also be resolved. Therefore, the government continues to evaluate security problems in Papua. Evaluation and efforts for territorial operations will continue to be carried out while continuing to encourage development prosperity.

The addition of new autonomous regions will solve security problems in Papua. So far, there have been security disturbances from the KST (Separatist and Terrorist Group) which are troubling because they have the heart to attack Papuans.

When there were 4 new autonomous regions, not only infrastructure was built. But also the headquarters of apparatus such as KODAM (Military Regional Command) and Polda (Regional Police of the Republic of Indonesia). With the Regional Police building, KODAM, and additional officers, KST will be eradicated and the Papuan people safe at the same time.

When there is a new province, security will also increase thanks to the addition of security apparatus headquarters. The number of officers on duty also increased. This is very good for making the Papuan people safer and they no longer need to worry about potential KST attacks.

The existence of 4 new autonomous regions also has a positive impact on community services. President Jokowi stated that the expansion carried out in Papua could speed up services for the community. Expansion also accelerates development in Papua. When you control the community more closely, the service should be better. Development will also be faster.

President Jokowi assessed that before the expansion in Papua, it was quite difficult for people to get services because the distance was quite far. Imagine first, the capital city is Jayapura, which is in Merauke. If you want to get services from the province, it’s a long way to come to Jayapura.

Thanks to regional expansion, administrative services for the people of Papua will be easier and faster because the distance to the Provincial Government Office is faster. When the area of ​​1 province is reduced thanks to regional expansion, there is no loss. However, it is actually beneficial because it brings the provincial government closer to the people so that its services are better.

President Jokowi stated that the purpose of regional expansion (adding to new autonomous regions) is a form of effort to create equitable development, and is expected to facilitate the reach of government services in the Papua region. The land of Papua is too large if there are only two provinces.

The additional new autonomous regions are aimed at the people of Papua, not for the ambitions of the central government. One of the objectives of adding new autonomous regions is to facilitate services to the community. Service to the people must be prioritized because the real function of government is to serve its people. Administrative problems in Papua are also solved.

Meanwhile, the addition of new autonomous regions also solves education problems in Papua. Politician Otopianus Tebai stated that regional expansion in Papua needed input from various parties so that it met the expectations of the Papuan people. Otopianus also highlighted the importance of strengthening informal education in Papua.

In that sense, regional expansion, aka the addition of new autonomous regions, will have a positive effect on the education sector in Papua. With 4 new autonomous regions, it will facilitate mobility, increase public health and education facilities.

When there is a new province, the government will automatically add APBD funds. This money is not only used to build bridges and other infrastructure. But also to build a complete school building, along with library facilities, etc. The education system in Papua will be much better thanks to the addition of new autonomous regions.

In this way, children in the regions will be able to go to high school level, because the provinces already have good schools. He doesn’t need to migrate to Jayapura, or another big city, but studies in his own place. Papuan children will be smarter and become future leaders.

The existence of the new autonomous region also has a positive impact on the economy in Papua. According to BPS data, Papua’s economy in the second quarter of 2023 experienced growth of 9.83 percent (q-to-q) compared to the previous quarter. From the production side, the mining and quarrying business field (Category B) experienced the highest growth of 21.01 percent.

The addition of new autonomous regions will solve various problems in Papua, ranging from economics, education, to security. The people feel happy because their lives have become better after there are 4 new provinces. The impact of the additional new autonomous regions will be felt in the long term and Papua will become more developed and prosperous.

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