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Love Diversity, Apply Religious Moderation Then Peaceful Elections Will Happen


One of the keys to becoming a nation with character is the establishment of peace. Ahead of the upcoming 2024 Election, the Indonesian people are obligated by law to apply religious moderation to love diversity in order to realize a democratic party that is peaceful, safe, prosperous and of course to realize the upcoming Golden Indonesia 2045.

Humans in Indonesia have various kinds of characters and different thoughts. This is indeed inseparable from the different nature of human beings, even habits that become culture make Indonesia richer in culture. Are we willing to sacrifice wealth in the form of culture, ethnicity, language, and so on just for one day’s sake? The future of our nation is still long, the journey is still far away, it is too early to say ‘surrender’. We can’t give up on what we have now. For this reason, the diversity that has been formed today must be loved and preserved.

The beliefs of the archipelago that have been formed long ago must truly convey the meaning of tolerance for all mankind. Differences are not a problem, including different political views. Many individuals are irresponsible because they have different political views that have the potential to divide our nation. Do not let this happen for the umpteenth time. Again, we must always remember about tolerance and mutual respect for each other to love the diversity that exists in this nation.

It is true that political years are a weakness in dividing a nation, but we as a strong nation must avoid these things in order to continue working together to create unity and integrity. The hot fireball rolling in the middle of the political year also needs to be watched out for. Usually the hot ball of fire takes the form of intolerance, radicalism, politics of fighting against each other, identity politics, and black campaigns. Without us realizing it, these things may have passed by in our lives and we just let it pass. From now on, Indonesian people, especially the nation’s next generation, must be more aware of these bad things, and are even obliged to fight them for the common good.

In addition to loving the diversity that exists in Indonesia, we as a society and good citizens to realize this peaceful election need to implement religious moderation so as not to cause intolerance. One of the synergies that is manifested in religious moderation is the formation of religious moderation villages. This formation was indeed an initiative of the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) to maintain harmony and national unity among religious believers in various regions. Not only that, another positive thing is to foster tolerance values ​​in the midst of the diversity of Indonesian society. One village that has established religious moderation is in Kediri Regency, East Java. According to the Regent of Kediri, Hanindhito Himawan Pramana (Mas Dhito) this can suppress intolerance or radicalism that occurs in Kediri. He also continues to encourage other villages to form ‘religious moderation villages’.

Differences in diversity are indeed something that is likened to a double-edged sword, both can provide advantages and disadvantages, if it does not enrich a nation, it can cause conflict and tension in a nation. Therefore, this is very important, especially for a pluralistic society like Indonesia. With the presence of religious moderation, we can combat intolerance and other attitudes that can divide our nation. Religious moderation certainly prioritizes the values ​​of diversity. Other things that can be done are inter-religious collaboration by carrying out good activities.

In other words, implementing and strengthening religious moderation can make people have various perceptions. It can also be said that this is a positive pattern of communication. Moreover, this is really needed ahead of the 2024 Election which has the potential to contain conflict. However, religious moderation is not only the task of the Government which is responsible for creating an environment and supporting religious moderation, but the community also has an important role and takes part in building religious moderation. Thus, the prosperity and harmony of a nation is maintained despite any differences, even differences in political views.

Indonesian people must continue to increase their love for diversity and implement religious moderation that is in line with the values ​​of diversity and not abandon local culture and still respect foreign culture. The upcoming 2024 election is an important event for Indonesia to look at its future. If we don’t foster this love, what will happen to Indonesia in the future? As good citizens, aren’t we all obligated and must maintain the peace and unity of our beloved country? Can we do it already? If not now when? By loving diversity and implementing religious moderation, we all have strong confidence in realizing the 2024 Election which is peaceful, safe, serene and prosperous as we dream of.

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