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Ahead of the 2024 Democratic Party, the Government is Countering Radicalism in Various Paths


Ahead of the Indonesian Democratic Party’s Simultaneous Elections in 2024, we must be wary of an increase in the spread of radical ideas and actions. This increase in radicalism can be triggered by various personal motives and political dynamics. One of them is the impact of identity politics which always appears in every election edition from year to year.

Radical ideology or radicalism is considered dangerous because it can divide the unity and integrity of the Indonesian nation and can trigger and give rise to extreme actions in rejection that are not in accordance with the understanding they adhere to. The Radical phenomenon is strongly associated with acts of terrorism, coupled with the fact that the issue of terror in Indonesia is carried out by groups of people who claim to be hardline religious groups.

Intelligence and Terrorism Observer, Ridlwan Habib, said that the potential security threats that will occur ahead of the 2024 Simultaneous Elections are the threat of intolerance, radicalism, terrorism. According to Ridlwan, a number of important stages of the election have the potential to trigger separate ATHGs due to differences in political attitudes and choices.

Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin asked the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) and security forces to anticipate radical terrorism on social media ahead of the 2024 elections. This is because social media is one of the channels through which many people are exposed to radical terrorism.

Ma’ruf Amin also wants to carry out supervision in various channels, both through those in the ministry, even in education, it has been detected early and it has been detected, also through social media channels. According to him, currently many people have been detected who have been exposed to radical terrorism because they were recruited by certain groups, but rather from social media.

The government currently has a strategy for countering radicalism, namely through counter-radicalization and de-radicalization. Counter-radicalization is carried out by all institutional ministries, while de-radicalization of terrorism has been carried out by BNPT from an early age.

Meanwhile, BNPT continues to carry out outreach to the community, both in the nature of counter-radicalization, as well as de-radicalization of those who have been exposed so that they are returned. Head of the Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT), Komjen Pol. Prof. Dr. Rycko Amelza Dahniel, warned the public and the younger generation to be more aware or conscious of the dangers of radicalism and actions which have increased in this political year.

According to him, ahead of the 2024 election, people can use all means and all efforts to do something for personal or group goals. However, it is very unfortunate if the method used results in violations of the law.

Meanwhile, BNPT continues to carry out mitigation measures so that radical incidents will not happen again in the future ahead of the 2024 elections. This is of course so that the elections will run conducively and peacefully without any violence that could cause unrest.

If radicalism enters the formal political level, it will certainly cause chaos. Therefore, society and the government must work together to build democratic life ahead of the biggest democratic party in Indonesia.

As is known, BNPT has a deradicalization program with 3 big themes, namely the first is an ideological rehabilitation program using a psychological or humanitarian approach, second is competency training so that people can prosper and third is social re-education.

On the other hand, the government asked ASN, BUMN, TNI Polri to be alert to the possibility of the emergence of seeds of radicalism and intolerance. Because small obstacles, if left unchecked, can become big problems and have an impact on innocent Indonesian people. ASN certainly has a strategic role as the front guard to protect the country’s constitutional system to avoid radicalism. Armed with Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, ASN must be able to maintain human values ​​based on unity.

Increasing preparedness in village and sub-district areas is also a necessity, because it is predicted that there will be an increase in potential security threats in the political year. This election moment is also vulnerable to being manipulated by radical terrorist groups to manipulate political issues for the sake of propaganda and intolerance in society. Therefore, synergy between Bhabinkamtibmas, Babinsa, Village Heads and the community is the key to creating a safe environment and reducing the potential for the spread of radical terrorism which could threaten stability and security.

Radicalism is sometimes difficult to identify. Radicalism cannot only be seen from appearance or behavior, but from one’s thoughts. Radical ideology can target anyone and not be known to the general public. The reason is that young people are still energetic and are looking for their identity.

For this, the government continues to strive to ward off various threats and disturbances, especially radicalism, in this political year. Of course, directly or indirectly, radical ideology can penetrate all levels of society. The main key is the individual himself in anticipating the influx of intolerant ideology. If you have high awareness based on sufficient knowledge, then understanding radicalism will not penetrate your line of self-defense.

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