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The community plays an important role in guarding honest and fair elections


The implementation of honest and fair General Elections is the dream of all parties. Therefore, community involvement is needed to be able to continue to monitor the implementation of elections so that they can run properly.

The 2024 General Election (Pemilu) is the main focus in Gresik Regency, where the Gresik Police are taking part in efforts to ensure that every stage of the election runs peacefully. The enthusiasm to achieve this goal reached its peak in the 2024 Election Peace Declaration event, which was held with great fanfare in the Sarja Arya Racana Rupatama Room, Gresik Police on Tuesday (7/11/2023).

Gresik Police Chief, AKBP Adhitya Panji Anom, stated bluntly that this peaceful declaration was a form of joint commitment to create a safe and conducive election atmosphere in Gresik Regency. In his invitation, Adhitya Panji Anom invited all elements of society to participate in maintaining order and security during the election period.

As part of efforts to maintain social stability, Adhitya Panji Anom highlighted the importance of maintaining unity and integrity in responding to differences in political choices. He firmly conveyed the message that differences in choices should not result in friction or conflict in society.

Let’s continue to respect other people’s choices, a message delivered with complete confidence. Support for this initiative was also expressed by Acting. Kasdim 0817 Gresik, Captain Inf. Sihari, who emphasized that Kodim 0817 Gresik will remain neutral and ready to support the smooth implementation of the 2024 elections so that they run peacefully.

The importance of community participation in elections was also highlighted by the Gresik Regency KPU Commissioner, Makmun, M.Ag. Makmun emphasized that the success of elections does not only depend on the smoothness of the technical process, but also on the extent to which the public is involved in the democratic process. Elections can be considered successful if community participation is high, and Makmun hopes that the 2024 elections can be a momentum to increase community participation in Gresik Regency.

The series of events for the 2024 Election Peace Declaration ended with the reading of the declaration by the Gresik Regency KPU Commissioner Makmun, followed by representatives of the political parties participating in the Election who signed the declaration.

The Gresik Police Chief emphasized that the peace declaration was not just a formality, but a real and important step to create safe and conducive elections in Gresik Regency. He firmly stated that safe and conducive elections are the main prerequisite for realizing honest and fair elections. His statement provides clear direction for the entire Gresik community, inviting them to prepare together for the upcoming elections.

However, the spotlight is not just limited to the local scope. At the national level, students are faced with new responsibilities in facing the 2024 Election. Member of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Information Commission (KI), Harry Ara Hutabarat, warned that students need to have active awareness to oversee the general election process so that it runs with high integrity, honesty, and open.

In a talk show with the theme “Student Participation in the 2024 Open Elections,” Hutabarat provided space for students to understand their critical role in realizing quality elections.

With the percentage of young voters reaching 52 percent of the total voters in 2024, student participation is considered a key element in shaping Indonesia’s future direction. Harry Ara Hutabarat emphasized the need for students as agents of change to have adequate knowledge about presidential and legislative candidates. Even though students have skills in the digital world, awareness regarding elections still needs to be increased, especially in accessing information via the KPU website.

Prof Dr Ibnu Hamad M.Pd, a UI professor and former Public Information Management Officer at the Ministry of Education and Culture, provided an additional perspective. He emphasized that students must not only be responsible voters but also participate as election officials. The existence of students as guardians of the integrity of voters’ votes is crucial to ensuring the purity of the democratic process.

Titi Anggraini, Trustee of the Association for Elections and Democracy, also raised student awareness. Even though public participation in elections is always high, voters’ votes often have no real impact due to fraudulent practices. Anggraini invited students to monitor their voices actively and responsibly, knowing exactly where to report if they witness fraudulent practices.

Through active awareness and responsible participation among students, it is hoped that the 2024 Election will be a historical milestone that will lead Indonesia towards a better future. The community and students are at the forefront in realizing honest, open and fair elections.

Let’s work together to ensure that the 2024 Election is not just an ordinary political event, but a historic event that changes the paradigm of democracy in Indonesia. By involving all elements of society, including students, we can create elections that reflect the will of the people, respect diversity of opinion, and encourage active participation from all citizens.

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