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Ahead of the General Election, the Government is Optimizing Education on the Prevention of Radicalism and Anti-Pancasila


Ahead of the 2024 General Election (Pemilu), the Government through the Republic of Indonesia National Police Task Force (Satgas Polri) is holding outreach on preventing radicalism and anti-Pancasila practices to the public in order to create a democratic party full of peace.

Awareness to all people from all elements of the nation of the importance of working together to prevent the spread of radicalism and attitudes anti to the basic philosophy of the state, namely Pancasila, which is aimed at movements of intolerance and not being able to accept the differences that inevitably arise between communities in Indonesia. to continue to be intensified.

Of course, it is not without reason, if the people in Indonesia themselves are no longer able to carry out the mandate of Pancasila as the philosophical basis of the state in Indonesia, this will cause this nation to become chaotic so that divisions between members of the community can no longer be avoided.

This is also very dangerous because it is no longer in accordance with the noble ideals of the founders of the previous nation, where they realized that indeed all people in the country had different backgrounds, so they coined the motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. or different but still one so that people are aware and understand the differences that occur in their midst and are still able to live in harmony side by side accepting these differences.

In fact, it is also necessary to know that with the differences that occur between people in Indonesia, but with an attitude of mutual tolerance and solid unity, this nation has even become a very strong nation that is able to repel the invaders.

In order to continue to promote tolerance among citizens, the National Police has assisted the Pre-Emptive Operations Task Force for Alert Development and held counseling and outreach to prevent the development of radicalism, anti-Pancasila attitudes, anti-tolerance and also heretical sects between religious communities in Sawahlunto.

The implementation of this counseling is also in the context of security readiness for the implementation of democratic parties and political contestation through the upcoming 2024 election event. The socialization and counseling activities were carried out to all Santur village officials.

The ongoing counseling and socialization focuses on educating people about how dangerous radical ideology, anti-Pancasila ideology is and also how intolerant attitudes between religious communities continue to be in Indonesia because they have the potential to threaten harmony and unity among the citizens themselves.

Sawahlunto Resort Police Chief (Kapolres) Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKBP) Purwanto Hari Subekti through the Head of the Community Development Unit (Kasat Binmas) Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKP) Dany Salman stated that the ongoing alert operation is a centralized police operation which is indeed will be held for 14 days starting from 29 August to 11 September 2023.

For your information, the alert operation itself is indeed one of the police operations which is useful for preventing the development of radicalism, preventing anti-Pancasila and anti-tolerance attitudes as well as deviant sects between religious communities by prioritizing counseling and socialization in the community for the sake of maintaining the integrity of the Unitary State. Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

The existence of coaching and counseling activities to be able to provide and increase understanding of awareness to the community and to be able to invite them to anticipate as early as possible the spread of radical ideology of course aims to be able to create a situation of security and order in society (Kamtibmas) that is safe and conducive.

Moreover, soon Indonesia will carry out the holding of a democratic party and political contestation regarding the circulation of leadership changes for every 5 (five) years, namely the General Election (Election) simultaneously in 2024. So it is indeed very important to have an understanding of democracy for the sake of inter-religious harmony so that society can be far more peaceful, harmonious and tolerant with one another.

All elements of society, including community leaders, traditional leaders and religious leaders and all relevant government agencies, must be able to work together in synergy in preventing and protecting from an early age the entry of ideas that conflict with the noble values ​​of Pancasila.

The appeal to all elements of society is that if you find someone whose actions are suspicious and suspect that they are spreading or being involved in an ideology that is contrary to the ideology of the Indonesian nation, they can report it as soon as possible to the Bhabinkamtibmas police or the Village Government for immediate action.

Prevention of radical ideas and also anti-ideas to the state’s philosophical foundation, namely Pancasila which is represented by an attitude of intolerance, is a very important thing that can be promoted by all elements of the nation, especially ahead of the 2024 elections.

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