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AIS Summit Explores the Potential of a Healthy and Productive Ocean


In extraordinary fanfare, the paradise island of Bali witnessed the official opening of the Archipelagic and Islands States (AIS) Forum 2023 Summit. In this moment, leaders of island countries from various parts of the world gathered to pioneer steps towards a healthy and productive ocean. As host, Indonesia is proud to open the door to various ideas, innovations and collaborations that will shape the future of global maritime affairs.

The AIS Forum 2023 summit is part of a long journey that began in 2017 when the idea of ​​establishing a global forum that would encourage collaboration and innovation among island nations was first presented at the first UN Ocean Conference in New York.

This moment was the beginning of Indonesia’s dream as an archipelagic country to invite other archipelagic countries to unite and finally become a reality. “The Manado Joint Declaration” which was agreed upon by 21 island countries became the basis for the formation of the AIS Forum. And since then, the forum has grown and developed, encompassing 51 island nations and archipelagic nations regardless of territory, size, or level of development.

The 2023 AIS Forum Summit with the theme “Fostering Collaboration, Enabling Innovation” reflects the strong commitment of island countries to work together to face global challenges related to maritime affairs. Some of the main agendas and missions of the AIS Forum include protecting and preserving the ocean. AIS Forum is committed to protecting fragile marine ecosystems and conserving marine resources for economic and environmental sustainability.

The AIS Forum is also an effort to address climate change and reduce its impact on the ocean, including sea level rise and extreme weather. The issue of marine pollution is also no less important. AIS Forum seeks to reduce marine pollution, including the problem of plastic pollution, which damages marine ecosystems. On the other hand, the issue of maritime security is still a problem for many island countries. So it is necessary to manage conflicts over maritime resources and maritime boundaries, as well as promote peace and stability in maritime areas. The human side of the marine perspective is not lost on the AIS Forum through its focus on empowering coastal communities. AIS Forum prioritizes empowering coastal communities who depend on marine resources for their livelihoods.

The selection of Bali as host for the 2023 AIS Forum Summit is a great honor and also a recognition of Indonesia’s important role in protecting the world’s oceans. The Island of the Gods has long been known as a traveler’s paradise, but also has tremendous potential as a leader in environmental and marine conservation. As part of the world’s largest archipelago, Bali is the right choice to host this summit.

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, expressed how important Bali’s role is in the 2023 AIS Forum Summit. In his opening speech, he said that Bali is not just a tourist destination. Bali is a symbol of Indonesia’s commitment to maintaining healthy marine and environmental conditions. The 2023 AIS Forum Summit is a historic moment that will bring island countries together in efforts to maintain healthy and sustainable oceans.

One of the most striking aspects of the AIS Forum Summit was the spirit of collaboration that characterized the entire event. Wiliame Katonivere, President of Fiji, highlighted the importance of the shared responsibility of island countries towards the ocean, that island countries have a big responsibility in protecting the oceans we love. The AIS Forum is the right forum to commit to concrete steps.

The King of Tonga, Tupou VI, also gave his views on climate change and marine sustainability. According to him, world countries can no longer ignore the impact of climate change on oceans. AIS Forum 2023 is an opportunity to find innovative solutions to face this crisis.

The 2023 AIS Forum Summit is a historic moment where island nations unite in facing increasingly pressing global challenges. This momentum is a time when world leaders prove that they have a strong desire to protect and preserve the oceans we love.

Throughout the year, delegates from island nations have discussed key issues such as climate change, marine pollution, maritime security and sustainable management of marine resources. Our hope is that the results of this summit will create a sustainable positive impact on our oceans and oceans. Bali, with its unique natural beauty, will be a witness to this collaborative effort to maintain a healthy and sustainable ocean. In the 2023 AIS Forum Summit, we see light at the end of the tunnel, a light that promises a bright maritime future for future generations. With strong collaboration and innovation that knows no boundaries, we can all come together to be protectors of our precious oceans.

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