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Appreciate the Government’s Quick Action in Overcoming the Plumpang Disaster


Very high appreciation should be given in relation to how fast the Government of Indonesia has taken steps through the Ministry of Social Affairs to be able to deal with the fire disaster that occurred at the Pertamina Plumpang Depot . In fact, the government really cares about the victims so that it not only provides assistance in the form of physical basic needs, but also provides psychosocial recovery assistance with trauma healing.

The Pertamina Plumpang Depot , located in North Jakarta, recently experienced an intense fire . Then, temporary suspicions related to the fire occurred due to refueling (BBM) at the location. For information, the explosion occurred on Friday, March 3, 2023 at night, which is why investigations are still ongoing.

Then, regarding a number of possibilities and reasons behind why the Pertamina Plumpang fuel oil depot or Terminal (TBBM) exploded , oil and gas (oil and gas) researchers revealed several things .

According to the Main Researcher of the Oil and Gas Research and Technology Center 1985-2015, Oberlin Sidjib , that the possible cause of the explosion of the Plumpang Depot could be due to the characteristics of the fuel oil (BBM) itself which is easy to vaporize , followed by the presence of oxygen mixed so that it can cause fire.

Indeed, previously there were rumors that when the incident occurred, local residents heard a sound like thunder. It was followed by an explosion , which at that time the weather in the area was indeed raining. At the same time, about 30 minutes or 20 minutes before the explosion occurred, there was a strong smell of petrol.

That way, Oberlin revealed that there was a possibility that the filling of fuel and the presence of lightning could cause an explosion and even a fire. Apart from that , Oberlin also revealed that the presence of exposed electrical wires is also a way to start a fire, causing a fire. So according to him, monitoring of equipment including pipes and electrical cables there must always be done.

The occurrence of a severe fire at the Plumpang Depot in West Jakarta certainly caused deep wounds and trauma for the people who were victims of the disaster. Therefore, the Ministry of Social Affairs ( Kemensos ) immediately moved very quickly to dispatch a team as well as emergency logistical assistance to meet the needs of the fire victims.

The swift action carried out by the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Social Affairs was under direct direction from the Minister of Social Affairs ( Mensos ), Tri Rismaharini so that the needs of the people affected by the fires could indeed be addressed as soon as possible .

In fact, after the fire occurred, the Director General of Social Protection and Security, Robben Rico, was present directly to check the distribution of logistical needs for affected residents . Robben also attended limited deliberations with Forkopimda , both the PJ Governor , Mayor, Regional Military Commander and Head of Police, together with Pertamina to discuss joint strategic steps in handling fire disasters . Robben did not forget to check the operation of public kitchens to meet the needs food for the affected people .

Then through the Disaster Preparedness Cadets ( Tangana ), the Ministry of Social Affairs immediately carried out an assessment , especially for vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and also people with disabilities . Of course, this assessment was carried out to be able to find out accurately the needs of affected victims such as their basic needs , namely food, drink to clothing and also the need for temporary shelter in the form of refugee tents.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has dispatched 30 Tagana personnel , 8 Tagana Task Force personnel , and 10 Peace Pioneer Teams , to conduct assessments , manage public kitchens , and distribute temporary logistical assistance in the form of 500 ready-to-eat food packages, 304 children’s food packages, 100 mattresses, 150 sheets blankets , 50 kidware , and 4 multipurpose tents sent from the Bekasi Main Warehouse.

In addition to providing logistical assistance , the Ministry of Social Affairs will provide psychosocial assistance to affected victims during the emergency response . This assistance will be carried out by the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Jakarta ” Handayani ” Sentra , together with the PSKBA and PSKBSNA Directorates , as well as related institutions such as universities and the Indonesian Psychological Association.

Plt . Director of Social Protection for Victims of Natural Disasters Adrianus Alla , then stated that indeed when the victims were already at the evacuation site, the next thing that had to be done by the Ministry of Social Affairs was to ensure that their needs were truly met and that there were also follow-up such as psychosocial and trauma support services. healing.

Of course, the terrible fire disaster that occurred at the Pertamina Plumpang Depot , North Jakarta is an event that no one wants to happen again. Therefore, after the incident, the Government through the Ministry of Social Affairs immediately moved very quickly to try to deal with it and also focused on providing assistance to the victims. All of these efforts deserve to be given a very high appreciation, because it is not only their physical needs, but the victims in the evacuation also try to fulfill their psychosocial needs.

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