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Appreciating the Neutrality of the 2024 Election Organizers


The neutrality of the General Election Commission (KPU) and the General Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) in the 2024 General Election is not only considered a principle, but is also a crucial foundation for maintaining integrity, justice and public trust in the democratic process.

According to the Executive Director ofeludem, Khoirunnisa Nur Agustyati (Ninis) in an interview with ANTARA in Jakarta, 19 November 2023, assessed the neutrality of the KPU and Bawaslu as the main element in anticipating potential fraud and campaign violations.

In Ninis’s perspective, it is important for election organizers to show a neutral attitude, distancing themselves from political preferences or certain interests. According to him, this is the main key in ensuring integrity, fairness and public trust in the democratic and transparent election process.

That the holding of elections must take place freely and fairly. This reflects the desire to create an election atmosphere that not only complies with applicable regulations, but also produces an environment that is free from political influence and bias.

The important role of Bawaslu is that it is expected not only to act reactively to violations that occur, but also to be proactive and responsive in taking preventive steps to improve the supervision system.

This proactive action will help Indonesia avoid various forms of violations or manipulation that could harm democracy. In his view, Bawaslu has a big responsibility in ensuring clean and democratic elections.

A similar opinion was also expressed by the Elections lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (FHUI) who is also the Deputy Coordinator for the Advancement of Indonesian Women (MPI), Titi Anggraini. According to him, Bawaslu needs to implement measures to mitigate fraud during the campaign period, especially in monitoring the spread of false information and content that could incite supporters of each presidential/vice presidential candidate pair.

Bawaslu is expected to be able to carry out its duties effectively to monitor cases of destruction of campaign props and supervise all efforts at politicization within the bureaucracy. Preventive efforts like this are considered key to preventing conflict between political supporters and keeping the situation conducive during the campaign period.

The importance of neutrality is not only emphasized by the Tulisem party but is also a concern of regional governments, such as by the Regent of Simalungun, Radiapoh Hasiholan Sinaga. Through an audience with the Simalungun Regency KPU, Radiapoh expressed his support for the 2024 Election to run well in his area.

Radiapoh emphasized that the KPU needs to maintain neutrality and independence in carrying out future elections, as an effort to ensure that the election process takes place fairly and is not influenced by certain political interests.

The importance of ASN neutrality was also highlighted by Radiapoh, who stated that the Simalungun Regency Government always emphasizes ASN neutrality in the 2024 Election. This reflects awareness of the potential risks if government officials are non-neutrally involved in the election process. Radiapoh welcomed the presence of the new KPU Commissioners and congratulated them on their duties, indicating full support from the regional government for the implementation of neutral and quality elections.

Chairman of the Simalungun Regency KPU, Johan Septian Pradana, hopes that synergy between the Simalungun Regency Government and the KPU can be well established, creating productive cooperation in order to make the upcoming elections a success. Johan is also committed to working together in carrying out election tasks independently and fairly.

The neutrality of the KPU and Bawaslu in the 2024 Election is the main foundation for ensuring integrity, justice and public trust. Bawaslu’s proactive and progressive efforts in carrying out supervisory duties, synergizing with election organizers and support from regional governments, are the keys to realizing elections that are free from fraud and political conflict.

At the same time, the public is encouraged to continue to monitor and ensure that the election process takes place in a transparent, fair and peaceful manner. Active community participation is an important element in monitoring the course of elections, ensuring that democratic values ​​are maintained.

In this context, citizens are expected not only to be passive voters, but also as active observers who can report potential violations or fraud during the election process.

By maintaining the neutrality of the KPU and Bawaslu, and involving the active participation of the community, Indonesia can move towards general elections that are quality, democratic, and able to reflect the will of the people. A quality democratic process will form a government that is more responsive and accountable to the needs and aspirations of the community.

Therefore, it is important for all parties to understand and support the principles of neutrality in holding elections for the sake of sustaining a strong and empowered Indonesian democracy.

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