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General elections are often a crucial moment for a country in determining its political direction. However, the end of the election is not the end of the struggle for shared prosperity. After voting in the 2024 General Election (Pemilu), synergy between the TNI and Polri is very important to ensure the security and smoothness of the vote recapitulation process. The TNI and Polri have a very important role in maintaining security during the general election process, including in securing the vote recapitulation process for the 2024 Election. 

With good synergy between the TNI and Polri, it is hoped that the 2024 Election vote recapitulation process can take place smoothly and transparently, and obtain accurate and reliable results in accordance with the wishes of the Indonesian people.

The TNI and Polri are the two main forces in maintaining security during the election process in Indonesia. Securing the recapitulation of votes for the 2024 election is an important part of their responsibility to ensure the democratic process runs smoothly and fairly. The steps usually taken by the TNI and Polri to secure the 2024 election vote recapitulation are placing their personnel in strategic vote recapitulation locations to monitor and maintain security. 

In addition, they will supervise the vote recapitulation process to ensure that all steps are followed according to established procedures. Then, if there is a security disturbance or other irregularity, the TNI and Polri will act quickly to handle the situation and ensure that the vote recapitulation process continues smoothly.

The TNI and Polri are also actively carrying out patrols to prevent potential security disturbances during the recapitulation process. These preventive steps are taken to ensure that all stages of the election can run safely and orderly. The TNI and Polri are also responsible for protecting election-related logistics and documents to prevent manipulation or fraud. 

With good cooperation between the TNI and Polri as well as effective coordination between the two parties, it is hoped that the 2024 Election vote recapitulation can run safely, transparently and in accordance with applicable regulations, and the results can be trusted by all Indonesian people.

Head of Public Relations of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police, Police Commissioner Djoko Wienartono, said that his party wanted to ensure that every vote counting and recapitulation implementation, from the District Election Committee (PPK) to the Provincial General Election Commission (KPU), everything could run safely and smoothly. It is also hoped that the 2024 Election organizers and participants who are entrusted with taking part in the vote count and recapitulation, can work together to create a social security and order situation that remains safe and conducive.

The synergy between the TNI and Polri is also reflected in smooth coordination and communication between the two parties during security implementation. This is to ensure a fast and effective response to any potential disturbance or security threat. The presence of the TNI and Polri in securing the 2024 election vote recapitulation not only reflects their professionalism in carrying out their duties, but is also clear evidence of their commitment to supporting the realization of a safe, smooth and peaceful democratic process.

The Commander of Kodim 0908/Bontang, Lieutenant Colonel Inf Aryo Bagus Daryanto, said the same thing, who said that his party would continue to monitor the vote counting at the sub-district level, as an effort to prevent the possibility of undesirable things happening in order to make the 2024 Election a success. tight security is expected to create a safe, conducive and controlled environment. This is also a preventive step to avoid potential disturbances or threats to security after the election.

Synergy is a key factor to ensure success after the 2024 General Election. Because synergy between the TNI and Polri is very necessary and must be increasingly solid, especially in anticipating various conflicts that might occur at each stage of the Election. In addition, synergy between all parties involved will help create a safe and trustworthy environment during the vote recapitulation process. So that with good cooperation, each party can contribute to maintaining the integrity and security of the democratic process.

In the process of implementing the vote recapitulation, we must work together and support each other to increase mutual synergy. Therefore, this synergy is very useful for equalizing perceptions, aligning plans and actions that will be implemented in order to make the overall stages of the election implementation a success. The importance of synergy between the TNI and Polri in securing elections not only creates physical security during the election process, but also reflects joint support for the principles of democracy and public order.

The public is also asked to play an active role in maintaining conduciveness during the post-election period. So, with good cooperation between the National Police, TNI and the community, it is hoped that the process of recapitulating the election results can take place smoothly, transparently and fairly, as well as strengthening public trust in democracy in Indonesia.

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