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Appreciation of Measurable Firm Actions by Security Forces Against KST-Papua


Security forces continue to strive to provide firm, measurable action against the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST). With this firm action, it is hoped that there will be no more security disturbances targeting security forces or Indigenous Papuans (OAP) in Bumi Cenderawasih.
In the 21st century, conflicts in various parts of the world continue to be a global challenge, and one of the areas experiencing serious challenges is Papua, which is located in eastern Indonesia. The Papuan Independence Movement or what is known as KSTP (Papua Separatist Terrorist Group) has become the focus of attention of the Indonesian government. Because, this group not only dared to attack security forces but also civilians, including OAP.
One of KST’s most recent acts of violence was the attack on TNI members who were on duty to protect the community on Thursday (30/11) in Paro District, Nduga Regency, Papua Mountains. According to the Head of Information for Kostrad Colonel (Inf) Hendhi Yustian, this incident resulted in two TNI personnel from the 411/Pandawa Mechanized Raider Battalion of the TNI AD Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad) being shot dead.
Previously, four Pandawa Kostrad soldiers died after contacting fire with KST in Paro District, Nduga, Saturday (25/11). In this incident, the number of victims evacuated was six soldiers, four of whom died, one had a gunshot wound to the leg and one had a gunshot wound to the stomach and was in critical condition. In this information, it is stated that the evacuation of victims used a Bell type helicopter belonging to the Indonesian Army which departed from Mimika to Paro, Nduga Regency.
As previously reported, there was a firefight between the TNI Post Paro in Paro District, Nduga Regency and KSTP from Kodap III Ndugama-Derakma, on Saturday, November 25 2023. In this incident it was reported that six TNI soldiers were shot, four of whom died.
TNI Commander General Agus Subiyanto confirmed that the four soldiers who were shot dead by the West Papua National Liberation Army, Free Papua Organization (TPNPB-OPM) or KSTP in Paro District, Nduga Regency, Papua Mountains, had been evacuated to their hometowns. The four soldiers who died were from the 411/Pandawa Mechanized Raider Yonif Task Force of the TNI AD Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad).
TNI Commander General Agus Subiyanto also expressed his condolences for the deaths of the four soldiers. This attack shows an escalation of violence that must be addressed immediately.
The government responded firmly to this attack with all-out measures to uphold sovereignty and security in the region. Public Relations of Mimika Regional Hospital, Lucky Mahakena, said that the two TNI members who were shot in Nduga had been evacuated and were being treated at the IRD of Mimika Regional Hospital. The condition of both members is stable and is under medical treatment.
The Indonesian government has taken firm steps to respond to these attacks. An all-out strategy is needed to overcome security threats and restore order in Papua. This includes strengthening military presence, increasing inter-agency cooperation, and a holistic approach to resolving the root causes of conflict.
The situation in Papua is not only an internal problem for Indonesia. The international community needs to play an active role in encouraging constructive dialogue between governments and groups that want autonomy or independence. Increased international coordination and cooperation can help resolve conflicts and support reconciliation efforts.
The various terrors and brutal actions of KST Papua have created fear among the Papuan people. The actions of this separatist group are no different from terrorists, disrupting regional security and stability, which has a big impact on the welfare of the Papuan people.
KST and various separatist groups should be completely crushed, they have disturbed native residents and immigrants. Because they have no fear, even when death approaches. Because it continues to spread various kinds of terror acts that are very heinous and completely inhumane, of course KST Papua must be completely crushed by the security forces in order to uphold the law and also to be able to guarantee a conducive situation so that it can restore peace and order in Earth of Cenderawasih.
Crackdown measures often raise concerns regarding human rights. The Indonesian government must ensure that security operations are carried out in compliance with international human rights norms. Openness and accountability must be prioritized to prevent abuse of power and involve the community in the reconciliation process.

Eradication measures must be in line with development efforts in Papua. Economic empowerment, education and health need to be integrated so that the Papuan people feel the positive impact of the government’s presence. Improving infrastructure and access to basic services will help address the root causes of instability in the region.
The situation in Papua demands a careful and measured response from the Indonesian government. Eradication measures must be in line with human rights and supported by sustainable development efforts. The international community also has an important role in encouraging dialogue and peace in Papua. Only through a holistic and collaborative approach can we hope to see long-term stability created in the region
The existence of KST is like a parasite that destroys the sense of unity that has been formed. They endlessly campaigned for independence, but it turned out they were only manipulated by the interests of a few people. Therefore, the community supports efforts to eradicate the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST).

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