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Mutual Cooperation Prevents Hoaxes During the 2024 Election


In welcoming the 2024 General Election (Pemilu), TikTok Indonesia adheres to its commitment to ensuring the integrity and neutrality of its digital platform. The main goal is to create a safe and comfortable digital space for the user community during the election period, focusing on a balance between self-expression and the exchange of civic ideas without sacrificing freedom of opinion.
Concrete steps have been taken to fulfill this commitment, and this is reflected in TikTok’s firm stance against content that contains misinformation, disinformation and hoaxes. TikTok’s moderation team, which operates in more than 70 languages, is at the forefront of keeping the platform clean of inauthentic narratives.
This moderation process is supported by a team of experts who can provide more context to content that requires in-depth analysis, especially related to misinformation.
In a statement, Faris Mufid, Public Policy and Government Relations Manager at TikTok Indonesia, highlighted TikTok’s determination to provide the best experience through authentic content.
He described that the actions taken by TikTok, as revealed on Tuesday (21/11/2023) in Jakarta, were only a small part of ongoing efforts to maintain the integrity of the upcoming elections. This statement reflects TikTok’s commitment to continue to adapt and take the firm steps necessary to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of its platform.
One of the concrete steps taken by TikTok is to present an Election Information Center or “Election Hub.” Election Hub’s main function is to provide a trusted source of information that can fight misinformation, disinformation and hoaxes. With the Election Hub, TikTok provides users with direct access to correct and reliable information regarding the Election.
This step ensures that TikTok users can access accurate information and avoid the spread of content that could trigger confusion or uncertainty regarding the election process.
Additionally, TikTok has partnerships with more than 15 fact-checking organizations around the world as part of its strategy to combat the spread of detrimental information during the General Election.
Anbar Jayadi, who handles the Engagement and Partnership, Trust and Safety Sector for TikTok Indonesia, highlighted the urgency of involving various stakeholders, including users, in efforts to maintain the integrity of the elections. He added that this collaboration was carried out with MAFINDO, Luludem, and AFP to carry out fact checking, reflecting TikTok’s comprehensive approach which recognizes that maintaining election integrity is a shared responsibility.
Prohibiting promotional or advertising features for government, politician and political party accounts (GPPPA) is another concrete step taken by TikTok.
By prohibiting creators from carrying out individual promotions, giving and receiving gifts, giving or receiving donations, and conducting political campaigns, TikTok aims to prevent coordinated actions aimed at negatively influencing public opinion. This step reflects TikTok’s concern for the cleanliness of the election process and efforts to minimize potential influences that could damage its integrity.
The importance of the community’s role in maintaining the integrity of the General Election (Pemilu) was also recognized by the Lahat Resort Police Chief (Kapolres), AKBP S. Kunto Hartono S.I.K., M.T. In appealing to the public, the Lahat Police Chief highlighted the need to maintain security stability by avoiding the spread of hoax information related to sensitive issues, ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group (SARA), as well as politics.
In his speech, the Lahat Police Chief emphasized the importance of the election moment as a foundation for democracy, inviting the public to use their voting rights wisely and peacefully and being wary of the spread of false information which could cause conflict and division in society.
Not only that, the Lahat Police Chief also highlighted the role of the community in creating a conducive environment before, during and after the elections. In this context, the police are ready to oversee the implementation of the elections professionally and neutrally. The Lahat Police Chief emphasized that the success of the elections is not only the responsibility of the security forces, but is also a joint task of all elements of society.
The appeal conveyed by the Lahat Police Chief is in line with the principles promoted by TikTok in maintaining the integrity of elections. Both parties, both the police and digital platforms, emphasized the importance of upholding the values of unity and unity in facing the elections.

The public is expected to be able to actively check and verify information before distributing it, as well as maintain positive communication amidst differences of opinion. It is hoped that the spirit of peace and togetherness will become the foundation for society in facing the upcoming democratic party.
With the concrete steps taken by TikTok and the appeal conveyed by the Lahat Police Chief, it is hoped that a conducive atmosphere can be created, free from hoax information that could disturb the public. Election integrity is not just the responsibility of one party, but is a shared commitment to maintain democracy and the integrity of the nation.
As users, let’s be active together in maintaining the integrity of the 2024 Election, becoming an important pillar in creating fair, clean and peaceful elections.

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