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Appreciation of the Synergy between Apkam and Community in Eradicating KST Papua


Security forces (Apkam) succeeded in occupying the headquarters of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) in Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountains. This success certainly deserves wide appreciation because it shows Apkam’s synergy in eradicating state enemies.

Joint personnel from across institutions such as the TNI, Polri, and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) successfully controlled 2 KST Papua headquarters led by Elkius Kobak in Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountains. Not only did they control the headquarters, the joint personnel also managed to secure a number of pieces of evidence.

Regarding this matter, Head of the Cartenz Peace Task Force, Kombes Faizal Ramadhani, revealed that the KST Papua headquarters had been under control since Monday (30/10). The two headquarters are respectively named Kali Ei Headquarters and Kali Brasa Headquarters. However, during the raid, Elkius Kobak had fled before the ambush. As a result, the authorities destroyed the two bases that had been controlled.

Meanwhile, Head of the Cartenz Peace Public Relations Task Force, AKBP Bayu Suseno, said that the evidence that was secured included 4 units of diesel fuel, 6 units of generators, 2 handy talkies (HT), 2 air rifles, 1 set of KKB’s typical camouflage clothing, and a number of sharp weapons. Apart from that, several medicines which were suspected to have been stolen from health workers were also confiscated. Apart from that, the authorities will continue to pursue the KST led by Elkius Kobak and will not hesitate to destroy the KST headquarters located around Dekai District, Yahukimo Regency.

As is known, many parties have strongly criticized the brutal actions of KST Papua. The separatist group has a track record of causing riots, not only civilians are victims but  TNI – Polri officers  are also victims of  KST P terror acts. Apart from that, they are also playing victim by voicing the human rights narrative so that countries outside Indonesia sympathize with them. KST P’s efforts  to separate Papua from Indonesia.

KST’s brutal attacks have really caused misery to the Papuan people. Now is the time for the community to take part in eradicating KST which is always causing commotion in the Papua region. They are tired of the various terrors carried out by this separatist group. Apart from physical terror, there is also mental terror, both in the real world and the virtual world, which causes long-lasting fear and trauma among the people of Cenderawasih Earth.

The Papuan people definitely want peace in Papua without the whistling of bullets from KST’s weapons. Don’t let the beauty of Papua become a place where human lives can be threatened by bullets that unnecessarily injure and threaten the lives of innocent citizens.

Meanwhile, Papuan community leader Yanto Eluay stated that the Republic of Indonesia is dead, Papua has been integrated with Indonesia since the popular opinion was determined in 1969. There is no place for KST and OPM either in Papua or in Indonesia.

The community must unite in maintaining security and order from KST attacks. Don’t let anyone be influenced by the propaganda and hoaxes deliberately created by KST members. According to him, there are still people who believe hoaxes too easily, especially on social media, so they must be warned.

The security forces thanked the public who dared to report KST’s whereabouts. Reports from the public will be followed up by the joint team with the results of confiscating munitions, weapons, communications equipment and documents. Where the perpetrators of this terror are obstacles to development in Papua who must become a common enemy for anyone who wants  Papua  to be more advanced.

Security forces also continue to act and take a firm stance against KSTP. Currently, security forces are being assisted with advanced technology to find the whereabouts of KSTP, where drones with high quality images record the moments of Mobile Task Force soldiers Battalion Yonif 411/Pandawa, 2nd Infantry Division, Kostrad. Carrying out obstruction and ambush against the OPM Papua Separatist Terrorist Group (KST), Leader Egianus Kogoya.

At that time, it is suspected that the OPM accomplice was ambushed while driving a white Hilux car. He was arrested by the Pandava Army because he was caught carrying food logistics for Egianus Kogoya’s group.

After the ambush, the Pandava Army became the public spotlight, because all ambush activities were supported by advanced technology. So, the Pandava Troops were able to detect OPM activities using drones, aka unmanned aircraft.

A drone belonging to the Pandawa Troop operated by Pos Kendibam soldiers, led by Captain Inf Sudarso Purwito, was able to clearly record how three people suspected of being OPM came out of the forest with several dogs towards a Hilux car carrying logistics. Then, the three people who were suspected of being logistics couriers were taken to the Nduga Police for further investigation regarding suspicious activities in delivering logistics to the KST group led by Egianus Kogoya.

In an effort to crush KST, of course, a mature and measurable strategy is also needed. The Papuan people have the right to security and peace to be able to carry out activities in Papua. Therefore, security forces have a big responsibility to maintain security on Cenderawasih Earth.

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