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Attacking Security Forces, Community Supports Crackdown on KST Papua


The Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) has again carried out attacks on security personnel tasked with protecting the Papuan people. In fact, the separatist gangs did not hesitate to carry out heinous acts against Indigenous Papuans (OAP), so that the community fully supported the crackdown on KST Papua.
KST’s brutal action occurred again and this time it targeted security personnel. It was reported that KST had attacked TNI members who were on duty to protect the community on Thursday (30/11) in Paro District, Nduga Regency, Papua Mountains. According to the Head of Information for Kostrad Colonel (Inf) Hendhi Yustian, this incident resulted in two TNI personnel from the 411/Pandawa Mechanized Raider Battalion of the TNI AD Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad) being shot dead.
Previously, four Pandawa Kostrad soldiers were killed and two others were injured after a firefight with KST in Paro District, Nduga, Saturday (25/11). Regarding this matter, Mimika Hospital Public Relations Officer Lucky Makahena said that the four fallen soldiers were laid to rest at Yonif 754 Headquarters before being flown to their respective areas of origin. Meanwhile, the condition of the other two soldiers gradually improved and stabilized after receiving treatment at Mimika Regional Hospital. The incident of the death of a TNI AD soldier confirms that KST is increasingly cruel and brutal. Both to civilians and security officers.
TNI Commander General TNI Agus Subiyanto expressed his condolences to the families of the victims for the deaths of the four soldiers and provided compensation according to their rights. The TNI Commander has also stated that handling security in Papua needs to use a Smart Power strategy, which is carried out by maximizing territorial operations with the aim of improving community welfare.
The sad incident that befell TNI AD soldiers received attention from humanitarian activist Huma Berhati, Khairul Anam. He strongly condemned and encouraged the TNI-Polri to arrest this inhumane group. KST doesn’t like it when Papua is developed, safe and prosperous. They don’t just act beyond the bounds of humanity. But they also want Papua not to have its infrastructure developed.
The Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani, also conveyed his condolences and hopes that separatist actions in Papua can be stopped immediately. The country must not lose to the actions of separatists who continue to carry out acts of violence. The government together with the TNI/Polri must ensure the safety of the people in Papua, by immediately stopping acts of violence carried out by separatist groups. Many of the nation’s best citizens and sons from the TNI/Polri have died due to KST’s atrocities. The state must take firm, measurable action.
KST Papua admitted that they had attacked the TNI on Saturday 25 November 2023. This time TNPB KST Papua under the command of Egianus Kagoya boasted of shooting helicopters and 8 Kopassus in Paro Papua. This was revealed by Sebby Sambom on his social media account, stating that Egianus members managed to shoot 8 Kopassus in a battle at the TNI Post in Paro District, Nduga Regency, Papua.
The TPNPB-OPM troops involved were Kodap III Ndugama-Derakma under the leadership of Perek. The shootout which took place from 11.59-16.00 local time, the TPNPB admitted that they succeeded in shooting 8 Kopassus members. Meanwhile, from his side, Sebby said that not a single member of the TPNPB was injured in the fighting.
As a result of attacks carried out by KST in several areas of Papua, flights to Puncak Regency, Central Papua had to be stopped. This condition has an impact on delays in the travel of residents who want to go to and from Puncak Regency using air flight services. Residents also have difficulty getting supplies of food and necessities ahead of Christmas, which is only a month away.
Responding to this situation, Melianus Numang, Chair of the Youth Force for the Gospel Camp (AMKI) for Central Papua Province asked Acting. The Regent of Puncak immediately coordinated with security forces and airline management authorities to reopen service access to the area.
According to Melianus, it is now December to prepare for celebrating Christmas. People have difficulty buying food and Christmas necessities.
Melianus also recommended Acting. The Regent together with the parties communicated with village officials and tribal chiefs to convey to KST members not to carry out shootings and killings of innocent civilians, especially now that Christmas and New Year are approaching. Shootings and killings must be stopped so that people celebrate Christmas with a sense of security.
Melianus emphasized that the cessation of flight services to the area meant that the priests attending the Synod in Timika could not return to Puncak to prepare for Christmas celebrations.

The KST Papua that we know today did not come from the aspirations of the local community. KST Papua emerged precisely from the efforts of the Dutch Kingdom to maintain the region as part of Indonesia. The forerunner of KST Papua was the New Guinea Unity Movement party which was founded by the Dutch Colonial Government.
All the heinous and violent actions carried out by KST have actually violated human rights (HAM). Papua is an important and inseparable part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia forever. Therefore, everything that disturbs the security and sovereignty of the Papua region must be completely crushed and destroyed so that it does not hinder the development and development of all aspects of life in Papua.

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