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Supporting Papua’s Development to Improve Community Welfare


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) provided new momentum for development in Papua by inaugurating a number of National Strategic Projects (PSN). One of the main projects that received the spotlight was the Development of the Pupuk Fakfak Industrial Area by PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (Pupuk Kaltim). This project is not only a step towards economic progress, but also a manifestation of the government’s commitment to strengthening Papua.
This fertilizer plant, considered the largest petrochemical project in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa, is expected to be a driver of economic growth in the region. With an investment exceeding US$ 1 billion, this project not only indicates infrastructure improvements, but also promises a positive impact on the Papuan people. A number of figures, including President Jokowi and the Main Director of Pupuk Kaltim, Rahmad Pribadi, expressed their confidence in the benefits that this project will produce.
The Fakfak Fertilizer Industrial Zone Project has the main objective of increasing national food security. With a production capacity for urea fertilizer of 1.15 million tons per year and 825 thousand tons per year for ammonia, this project is planned to be a major contributor in achieving this goal. President Jokowi emphasized that this project will support the food estate program in South Papua, a strategic step to ensure food availability for the entire nation.
Pupuk Kaltim President Director Rahmad Pribadi stated the company’s commitment to carrying out this task as a state mandate. He emphasized that this project will not only create jobs, but will also make a major contribution to the nation’s economy. Pupuk Kaltim, as project implementer, is committed to supporting national food sovereignty, which is a top priority in the government’s development plans.
Concrete steps towards this development began in early January 2023 with a Kick Off Ceremony involving the board of directors and board of commissioners of Pupuk Kaltim. This shows the determination of the government and companies to ensure the smooth and sustainable operation of this project.
It is important to remember that this project is not only about infrastructure and economic development, but also about empowering local communities. Pupuk Kaltim has actively communicated with traditional community leaders and traditional institutions, holding meetings to understand and pay attention to their needs. Customary processes and dialogue with local communities reflect a commitment to creating sustainable positive impacts.
In ensuring the sustainability of this project, the company does not only focus on economic aspects but also on protecting the rights of indigenous peoples and environmental sustainability. Vice President Ma’ruf Amin’s statement emphasized the importance of a good approach to the community, coastal conservation and benefits for the surrounding community. This reflects the awareness that the success of this project is not only measured from economic aspects, but also from its positive impact on society and the environment.
In facing challenges, the Minister of Investment/Head of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Bahlil Lahadalia, highlighted the need for security support from local authorities. While this step aims to ensure project security, it is also important to ensure that security is accommodated while respecting human rights and environmental sustainability.
Additionally, it is important to recognize that this project is not only about creating economic benefits for the company but also about empowering communities and supporting the local economy. Pupuk Kaltim not only focuses on land acquisition and accelerating permits, but also tries to understand and meet the needs of local communities. In the view of Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia, this project not only presents business opportunities, but is also an investment in people’s rights that is appropriate and feasible.
The investment value of this project is estimated at IDR 30 trillion, funded by private investors. With a high production capacity, this project is expected to be a major contributor to achieving national food security. It is hoped that President Jokowi and the regional government can ensure that this investment not only provides economic benefits but also has a broad positive impact on the Papuan people.
In crafting a positive discourse about development in Papua, we need to see these projects as opportunities to create positive change in the lives of local communities. Sustainable infrastructure and economic development can be the key to unlocking Papua’s great potential and improving people’s welfare. Through synergy between government, companies and society, development in Papua can become an inspiring example of success for the entire Indonesian nation.

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