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BEM Nusantara Urges the Public to Respect Whatever the Results of the 2024 Election


The Student Executive Board (BEM) of the East Java Archipelago (Jatim) appealed to all people in Indonesia to be able to respect whatever and whatever the final results of the voting determination of the 2024 General Election (Pemilu).

The Regional Coordinator (Korda) of BEM Nusantara East Java, Elang Bagus Dwi Tunggal, said that so far the enthusiasm of the community, even from all elements, has been very high in the 2024 democratic party and political contestation. However, it would be good if this high level of enthusiasm were also accompanied by all parties being able to accept with grace whatever the election results.

Indeed, in any case, the final results of the General Election in Indonesia must be accepted with full sincerity and grace by every element of society, because the final results are a representation of the votes of the majority of people from the tip of Sabang to the tip of Merauke in Indonesia.

Whoever wins the political contest in the 2024 elections, it is clear that they will all be the best sons of the nation. So, it is hoped that whoever the leader who is elected will be able to bring a much more peaceful atmosphere in the interests of the nation and state and will also be able to realize the ideals of welcoming a Golden Indonesia in 2045.

Not only is it appealing to the public to be able to accept whatever and however the final results of the 2024 General Election are, but BEM Nusantara East Java also gives very high appreciation for the performance carried out by the security forces of the joint forces of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) and the National Police of the Republic Indonesia (Polri) has been monitoring and ensuring that the entire election process can run smoothly and safely.

Not only that, but high appreciation should also be given to the election organizers such as the General Election Commission (KPU) and the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) who have been tireless in making all the series of five-yearly democratic parties in Indonesia a success.

The ongoing political contestation in 2024 will be able to run with full honesty, justice, security and peace, of course thanks to all parties involved in it, including the community itself.

Then, it is hoped that all political elites will be able to demonstrate a chivalrous attitude and also be able to show a good example in democracy in this country, namely by not delegitimizing the election results and not carrying out provocation actions against the public to act against applicable laws and regulations.

In the same vein, the Student Executive Board of Nahdlatul Ulama University (BEM PTNU) also issued an invitation to the entire community to fully respect the results of the 2024 Election. The entire community should be able to act generously, chivalrously and also show their statesmanship.

The National Presidium of BEM PTNU, Ahmad Baha’ur Rifqi, hopes that all elements of society will be able to avoid any debate that might continue to arise regarding this General Election, because it will only have the potential to divide society itself.

Vigilance should continue to be increased, especially if there are issues and spread of fake news or hoaxes or even provocations that actually invite and lead to conflict and division within the country.

In this case, the entire younger generation, especially students, also need to play their role in keeping the situation conducive after the General Election. All parties must continue to prioritize security stability in their respective environments.

Meanwhile, the General Chair of the Indonesian Hindu Dharma Student Union (KMHDI), Wayan Darmawan, invited all elements of the nation to be able to respect the process of counting votes from the 2024 Election, which is currently being carried out by the Indonesian KPU.

All parties must be able to respect the process which is currently still ongoing and be able to wait with a cool head for the official release of the results from the KPU. Because, in fact, as the election organizer, the KPU itself has also worked as best as possible to secure the people’s vote.

If, for example, several parties feel and discover that there is fraud in the implementation of the General Election, then they should be able to take wise steps and attitudes, namely reporting the allegation to Bawaslu but not creating a commotion in various places including on social media or even trying to create fake news. and hoaxes which are certainly capable of dividing national unity and integrity.

After this voting stage, the best thing for the public to do is continue to monitor the vote count so that it remains transparent but does not create chaos that further worsens the situation.

The public must also be able to respect however and whatever the official final results from the KPU regarding the vote acquisition in the 2024 elections, even though they may not be in accordance with their hopes and choices. Because with an open attitude accepting the results of the majority vote of the Indonesian people shows the maturity of democracy.

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