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Smoothness of the entire 2024 election process as a victory for the Indonesian nation


The smoothness of the entire process of implementing the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) is a comprehensive victory for all the people and nation of Indonesia which must be celebrated because so far the democratic party event has run safely and conducively, so it is hoped that it will also bring in leaders who are able to bring this nation to a more advanced state. .

Regarding the smooth running of political contestation, the General Chairperson (Ketum) of the Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) Executive Board, KH. Yahya Chalil Staquf said that the 2024 election process and even the voting process had so far gone very well. He also considered that success was part of the victory of the Indonesian nation.

Responding to a small number of problems that occurred during the General Election, Gus Yahya said that all these problems should be resolved using existing legal channels. In other words, there is absolutely no problem that cannot be resolved because all the solutions themselves are legally clear.

Reflecting on the entire atmosphere during the 2024 democratic party process that has been going on until today, including reflecting on the experience of solving problems that have been carried out in the past, it is clear that the Indonesian people will easily resolve everything to the end with the best results too.

Whatever and whatever the final results of the 2024 elections must be well received by all elements of the nation because this acceptance and sincerity will resolve potential problems that could occur.

So far the implementation of the elections has gone, no significant potential problems have been found, everything has apparently been resolved very well by the integration of many parties. Even if a problem suddenly occurs, it could be that it is the work or design of a number of irresponsible parties who only want to destroy national unity.

Meanwhile, the Central Leadership of the Youth Movement (GP) Anshor held a thanksgiving event for the victory of the Indonesian nation which was held as a form of their gratitude for how smoothly and successfully the 2024 General Election was held.

General Chairperson of the Central Leadership (Ketum PP) GP Anshor, Addinjauharudin, said that the results of the 2024 elections must be accepted with full sincerity without any elements of ridicule between one citizen and another.

According to him, there are two things that must be done together, especially after the current election, namely the first is that the entire community must be able to sincerely accept whatever and whatever the final result of the vote count. Any debate that arises simply because of the issue of support and support must be thrown away because the democratic party itself is over and the voting process has been carried out.

Then the second thing that is important to do is that now is the time for all people in Indonesia to carry out reconciliation and be able to hold each other’s hands. The community should be able to sew back the national knot together to be able to realize the future of this nation in welcoming a Golden Indonesia in 2045.

Confidence must be instilled in the minds of each community, that all elements are mature and capable of implementing the principles of democracy with full maturity as well as the General Election so that the process of announcing the final results will run safely and smoothly.

Maturity in democracy must be possessed by every party, including the community and the election participants themselves, including their Success Teams (Timses), so that in the future they can accept whatever results of political contestation, which with a mature attitude in democracy will have a big impact on the peace of society. .

It is also important to remember that whoever is officially announced as the winner by the Indonesian KPU after the 2024 election process takes place, they will be the best sons of the nation. With this understanding, the community can collectively continue to maintain a sense of peace.

The existence of differences in choices and views in politics, especially in a nation that adheres to democratic principles like Indonesia, is a very normal thing and should be able to be responded to appropriately. However, there is something much more important than that, namely, don’t let differences in political choices or views lead to divisions and debates.

The reason is, if debates and divisions continue to occur and never end, then in fact the party that will suffer the most is the community itself, because if this condition continues to drag on, it will have a huge impact on the state’s work in making its people prosperous.

Therefore, let’s consider that the entire smooth process of implementing the 2024 General Election from the beginning to the voting and vote counting stage, up to the stage of announcing the final voting results, is a collective victory for the Indonesian people because the stages were able to run successfully and smoothly.

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