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Beware of Radicalism Key to the Peaceful 2024 Election


The arrest of suspected terrorists some time ago in Bekasi-West Java is an indication that radicalism and terrorism are still a scourge that needs to be watched out for, especially ahead of the 2024 elections. By working together to anticipate radicalism and terrorism ahead of the elections, it is hoped that the democratic party will run smoothly and peace.

Police from Special Detachment 88 arrested a suspected terrorist with the initials DE in i Bulak Sentul, Harapan Jaya, North Bekasi, Bekasi City, West Java, last Monday, August 14 2023. DE is known to be a KAI employee who was exposed to radical ideology due to allegiance to ISIS. Not only arrested, the police also confiscated 18 firearms and ISIS flags. The arrest of the terrorist in Bekasi is of course a warning signal that radicalism and terrorism are still a real threat to the Indonesian people, especially ahead of the 2024 elections.

Previously, Presidential Chief of Staff (KSP) Moeldoko said that radicalism tends to increase in 2024 which is a political year. Meanwhile, the increase in radicalism was triggered by political dynamics. Even with identity politics which has the opportunity to reappear ahead of the general election.

Seeing the increasing potential, according to Moeldoko, it is important to increase the awareness of the nation’s citizens against radicalism. The government already has clear standards and measurements in identifying groups with radical views.

In a sense, society must increase awareness of radicalism that is emerging ahead of the 2024 Election. When entering a political year, radical groups and terrorists can use it to carry out attacks and bombings. Their goal is to thwart the 2024 elections.

Don’t let people join a group that turns out to be radical. Therefore, they need to investigate first before joining, whether the group is nationalist or even hates the government. If the group provokes hatred against the government and prohibits elections, then those are the characteristics of a radical group.

Meanwhile, caretaker of the Lirboyo Kediri Islamic Boarding School, KH Kafabihi Mahrus, said that threats of terrorism and intolerance were real. There are people who want Indonesia to be a ruined country. They are not happy if Indonesia becomes a safe and peaceful country.

In a sense, society must also be aware of the spread of intolerance. Don’t let them become intolerant because they are consumed by incitement that is deliberately spread by members of radical groups. When there is intolerance, the Indonesian people become conflicted and peaceful elections fail to materialize.

The National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) is working hard to make various efforts so that intolerance does not take root. What’s more, it relates to a political year which could have been colored by intolerance practices.

Members of radical groups are currently also spread out in cyberspace and deliberately create special sites and accounts on social media. Their goal is to spread radicalism, terrorism and thwart the 2024 elections. The BNPT also urges the public to be aware of various threats of intolerance ahead of the 2024 elections which can later lead to identity politics.

BNPT continues to strengthen digital literacy by collaborating with various management platforms and providers. This is an effort to keep public space on social media from having narratives that lead to intolerance and radicalism.

Radical groups want to thwart the election which is a government program. You do this by planning bombings or spreading hoaxes and propaganda on social media during the campaign period. Meanwhile, the government is the party that must be despised.

By collaborating between BNPT and platforms and providers, it can prevent the spread of hoaxes and propaganda made by radical and terrorist groups. This collaboration is by taking down content that contains radicalism, terrorism, hoaxes, and propaganda. When the content is deleted by the platform (social media administrators such as Facebook and Twitter) it is hoped that it can dispel attacks from radical groups in cyberspace.

Meanwhile, Dirintelkam Polda North Sulawesi, Kombes Pol Andhika Vishnu, invites the public to work together to prevent radicalism and terrorism in the digital era in the 2024 elections. Currently, the election stages have rolled around. The National Police and all relevant stakeholders are required to ensure that the 2024 elections take place in a safe, peaceful and conducive manner.

In elections there are potential vulnerabilities, one of which is the potential for threats related to radicalism and terrorism which are very likely to arise by utilizing various digital platforms. The National Police invites all components to maintain the conduciveness of the Kamtibmas situation in the Southeast Sulawesi Province region.

The National Police invites the public to work together to prevent radicalism and terrorism ahead of the 2024 General Election, especially in cyberspace. Elections are prone to friction because there are differences in the choices of political parties and presidential candidates. However, it is hoped that this difference will not be exaggerated, so that elections can be peaceful and terror-free.

The public must be wary of attacks from radical groups that could thwart peaceful elections. To make the 2024 election successful, there must be cooperation between the BNPT, the community, and managers of social media platforms. Netizens can report to the cyber police when there is radical content and hoaxes, while platform managers can immediately delete it, with the aim of preventing attacks by radical groups in cyberspace.

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