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Beware of Terror Networks Wanting to Derail the Election


Radicalism and terrorism are still a threat to the integrity of the nation, especially ahead of the 2024 elections. The public also needs to remain alert to this threat as terrorist networks are exposed that want to disrupt the holding of the democratic party.

The National Police’s Special Anti-terror Detachment (Densus) 88 succeeded in carrying out its duties well when they arrested 40 terrorism suspects who were members of Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD). This coordinated arrest action is clear evidence of the seriousness of the police, TNI, and State Intelligence Agency (BIN) in protecting the security of the country and its citizens.

More than just arrests, this operation has quite serious implications regarding stability and safety in the context of the approaching 2024 elections.

These terrorist suspects were arrested on 27 and 28 October 2023 in various regions of Indonesia. The number of suspects arrested was quite significant, with 23 people caught in the West Java area, 11 people in the DKI Jakarta area, and 6 people in Central Sulawesi.

This number of suspects reflects the scale and potential threats that must be faced by security forces in order to hold elections that are democratic and free from the threat of terrorism.

The police took firm and quick steps to maintain security during the 2024 election process. This terrorist suspect is part of the JAD group network led by an individual with the initials AU.

They have pledged allegiance to ISIS, and this shows their relationship with the international terrorism group which has been a threat to world security.

The act of terrorism they planned was not just an ordinary attack, but an attack on the security forces on duty during the election process. In their big plan, thwarting the 2024 election is the main target.

They planned to launch attacks on security personnel who were a priority in maintaining security during the election process. This reminds us of the serious threats that must be faced by the implementation of elections in Indonesia.

A statement from the Spokesperson for Densus 88 Anti-terror Police, Kombes Aswin Siregar, revealed that these terrorist suspects have very radical views about democracy. For them, elections are a form of democracy which is considered immoral and unlawful.

This extreme view raises the question of how these terrorist suspects can change the views of society, the majority of which supports democracy as a legitimate political system.

Aswin Siregar emphasized that the National Police is committed to monitoring and securing the 2024 elections. Densus 88 as part of the National Police continues to monitor existing terror threats. Preemptive and preventive efforts have been made to deal with this threat.

The success of this arrest operation is proof of the seriousness of the National Police in carrying out this mission and protecting the security of its citizens.

National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo also gave orders to the 2024 Election security forces to anticipate acts of terrorism throughout Indonesia. The importance of this preemptive action was emphasized by the National Police Chief because, as previously mentioned, acts of terrorism that occurred during the 2019 General Election had demonstrated a real threat level.

Preventive measures must be taken to ensure that the 2024 elections run safely and smoothly.

Regarding efforts to hold the 2024 elections in a democratic and safe manner, the National Police Chief also reminded that terrorism is a serious threat that must be overcome. During the 2019 elections, there were six acts of terror attacks that occurred.

The National Police Chief stated that this is something that must not happen again in the 2024 elections. Security and stability during the election process are very important to ensure the legitimacy and trust of the public in the election results.

As part of efforts to secure the 2024 elections, the National Police Chief has also deployed Operation Mantap Brata 2023-2024 troops. The event was held at Monas Silang Square, Central Jakarta, on October 17. This is a very strategic step in preparing security and stability for the 2024 elections.

However, the case of the arrest of 40 terrorism suspects has become a major highlight in the context of the 2024 elections. The implications are quite serious because it shows that there are concrete efforts by terrorist groups to thwart this democratic process. A number of questions arise, including how these terrorist groups can influence people’s thoughts and views.

The arrest of these terrorism suspects also raises concerns about various security challenges that may be faced in the elections. This is a common concern and shows the importance of cooperation and coordination between security institutions in facing similar threats.

The existing tensions also show the need for cooperation between security forces and the community in maintaining security. The public needs to increase vigilance and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. The success of this arrest operation is the result of cooperation between security forces and the community in protecting state security.

The arrest of 40 terrorism suspects is also an invitation for all Indonesian people to continue to uphold democratic principles. Terrorism is a threat to basic democratic principles such as freedom, equality and popular participation in the political process. Therefore, society needs to unite in supporting the holding of democratic elections in 2024 and upholding democratic values.

The most important message that can be taken from these arrests is that the threat of terrorism knows no boundaries of time or place. We all have a responsibility to maintain national security and prevent efforts to disrupt the democratic process. In maintaining security, cooperation between security forces and the community is the key to success.

The arrest of 40 terrorism suspects is proof of the police’s commitment to protecting the security of the state and society. Hopefully this success will be the first step in ensuring that the 2024 elections run safely and smoothly.

With unity and cooperation, we can face the threat of terrorism and ensure that democratic values ​​are maintained in Indonesia. As people who love the country and democracy, let’s unite and work together to maintain the security and stability of the country in carrying out the 2024 election process.

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