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The Rempang Project Provides a Positive Impact on the Community’s Economy


The government continues to strive to improve the Indonesian people’s economy, one of which is by continuing to boost the National Strategic Project on Rempang Island. The Rempang Island area was recently included in the PSN list. It is included in the PSN list in accordance with the Regulation of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number 7 of 2023 concerning the Third Amendment to the Regulation of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number 7 of 2021 concerning Amendments to the List of National Strategic Projects. The Regulation of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy was ratified on August 28 2023.

The Rempang Eco-City Area project is estimated to have an investment value of IDR 381 trillion by 2080. Its existence is expected to improve the economy, not only in Batam, but also other districts/cities in the Riau Islands. It is estimated that the development of this area will absorb a workforce of around 306,000 people by 2080 (BP Batam page, 31/8/2023).

With an estimated investment value that is quite large, Rempang Eco-City is believed to be able to provide escalation to improve the quality of life and welfare of Rempang-Galang residents. During the development period, it is estimated that the community’s economy will be helped by micro, small and medium economic activities. Even during the development period, it is estimated that the community’s economy can be helped by micro, small and medium economic activities.

Head of the Public Relations, Promotion and Protocol Bureau, Ariastuty Sirait, said that there would be many positive impacts for the community, both in the Barelang area and Indonesia on a larger scale due to the Rempang project. Apart from that, this project will create strategic partnerships between large companies and MSMEs. Thus, investment entering the region will have a positive impact on the development and economic development of the people

Chairman of the Maritime, Marine and Fisheries Division of the Central Management Body (BPP) of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI), Fathul Nugroho, said that his party fully supports the development of the Rempang Eco City project. The reason is, there are many benefits that will be felt by Indonesia, especially residents on Rempang Island. According to him, with an investment value of IDR 381 trillion, it has the potential to absorb quite a significant workforce and grow the community’s economy.

According to Fathul, the residents of Rempang Island who are affected by the construction of the Rempang Eco City National Strategic Project (PSN) should not worry about the compensation provided by the government because through the Minister of Investment/Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Bahlil Lahadalia, he is giving serious attention to Rempang residents as stated. It has been stated in the Presidential Regulation (Perpres) regarding compensation for the rights of Rempang residents affected by investment. The material, continued Fathul, is that the government’s seriousness towards the residents of Rempang can be seen from the concrete steps taken by Minister Bahlil who continues to approach the residents by making repeated visits to Rempang Island. Because the realization of this investment is important in maintaining the high momentum of investment and industrialization in Indonesia.

More and more people are realizing the big impact of the Rempang project. This is proven by the increasing number of Rempang residents who are willing to be relocated and moved to temporary housing based on notes from the Rempang community resettlement team to Batam. The families of Rempang residents who volunteered said that the enthusiasm of the people there with this shift or relocation program is quite good.

This progress cannot be separated from the efforts of BP Batam which continues to prioritize a persuasive approach when conducting outreach and collecting data on residents affected by the Rempang development. In addition, the central government through BP Batam is also committed to paying attention to community rights in development which is registered as a national strategic program.

Apart from that, BP Batam has also prepared a number of training courses for the Rempang community who have occupied temporary housing. The training was provided so that the Rempang people who live in temporary housing have new skills to improve their competence.

It is important to note that the economic success of Rempang Island not only benefits the local government, but also provides real benefits for the local community. Increased employment opportunities, business opportunities and additional income have created greater prosperity for the island’s residents.

The presence of Rempang Eco Park on Rempang Island is a concrete example of how economic development can go hand in hand with environmental preservation. This park is not only an amazing natural tourist destination, but also plays an important role in environmental education and nature conservation. This PSN is an example of how investment in ecotourism can provide multiple benefits for society and nature

That way, the public does not need to worry about the Rempang Eco City project carried out by the Government. The benefits of building this project for local communities are an increase in the economy and employment which will improve their quality of life and welfare. The government has also committed to guaranteeing that people’s rights will be fulfilled if they participate in supporting the development of Rempang Eco City without any obstacles.

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