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Bogor KPU Affirms that the Use of STIN Student Voting Rights is Legal and Protected by Law


Chairman of the General Election Commission or KPU of Bogor Regency, Muhammad Adi Kurnia, denied that STIN students were being mobilized for the 2024 elections. According to him, STIN students have the right to vote which is regulated in accordance with applicable laws and General Election Commission regulations.

“Regarding STIN students’ voting rights, they have the right to vote in accordance with the KPU Law and regulations. “That’s why we, the Bogor Regency KPU, handed over forms for the right to transfer to vote to STIN students,” emphasized Muhammad Adi Kurnia while in Bogor, West Java, Wednesday (14/2).

Furthermore, the Chairman of the Bogor KPU explained that the STIN students had completed original documents from the STIN institution regarding assignment letters. So that they can certainly have the right to vote.

Adi explained that these basics serve as clarification of videos circulating in various media including social media regarding STIN students carrying out the voting rights process at the Bogor Regency DPT.

According to Adi, STIN coordinated with the Bogor Regency KPU on January 19 2024 to propose a transfer to select STIN students. This coordination was to discuss students who were originally registered in their respective areas of residence, moving to the Bogor Regency area because they were on study assignments.

The transfer process is also in accordance with the letter from the Chairman of the KPU to the Chairman of the Regency/City KPU number: 695/PL.01-SD/14/2023 dated 7 July 2023 regarding preparations for the preparation of the Additional Voter List (DPTb) domestically and abroad.

On this basis, the application for transferring to select 1,020 STIN students was declared valid by the Bogor Regency KPU on February 12 2024.

Furthermore, STIN students have the right to vote and have carried out voting on Wednesday 14 February 2024 at the polling stations determined by the Bogor Regency KPU.

Meanwhile, the Bina Nusantara Informatics Polytechnic which STIN students use is only as a “Cover”. This is because the identity of STIN students is confidential as stated in Article 25 of Law Number 17 of 2011 concerning State Intelligence.

For information, STIN has submitted to the Bogor Regency KPU a letter of assignment on February 12 2024 which contains the identity of the STIN student’s real name as a required document as proof of support for moving to vote.

At that time, the Bogor Regency KPU understood the confidentiality of the identities of STIN students, including “Cover” as students of the Bina Nusantara Informatics Polytechnic.

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