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Chairman of the Kupang City Muhammadiyah Youth: Radicalism is ruining the 2024 election competition


Kupang – Muhammad Saleh, Chairman of the Kupang City Muhammadiyah Youth, highlighted the influence of radical ideology, especially through social media. He emphasized the need for anticipatory steps, including the formation of an anti-radical cyber team, a review of non-priority programs to be replaced with anti-radical programs, and enlightening religious figures to deliver preaching material in a more polite and conciliatory manner.

“It is important to utilize religious counselors from various religions in Indonesia to prevent radicalism. Apart from that, the construction of a moderate society must be maintained by involving all components of society. “Citizenship education is considered to be a mandatory subject for all students, and filtering subjects in schools by involving religious figures is considered a necessary step,” he explained in detail.

Muhammad’s view is to emphasize the important role of youth in reducing radicalism, especially ahead of the 2024 elections. He suggested that interfaith youth organizations build good cooperation with the general public, go directly into society to provide enlightenment, and actively provide calls through posters or banners against ideology. spreading radicals.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Himapala Muhammadiyah University Kupang, Indra Ramadhan, emphasized that intolerant attitudes, if not handled properly, have the potential to develop into radicalism, and can even lead to acts of terrorism.

“Even though there have been various prevention efforts, we must not be careless, because radical organizations continue to look for ways to spread their beliefs to vulnerable groups, such as women, youth and children,” said Indra.

Indra also invited all the young generation to actively participate together in creating a democratic party that is free from radicalism.

“It is important to uphold national values, tolerance and unity in the 2024 elections. Healthy youth, intellectual youth.”

Indra’s statement is a call for joint action in maintaining stability and peace ahead of the 2024 elections, where the role of youth is considered very vital in formulating the nation’s future.


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