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Kupang Youth Supports 2024 Election Free of Radicalism


Kupang – Chairman of the Kupang City Muhammadiyah Youth, Muhammad Saleh, emphasized that youth have an important role in reducing radicalism, especially ahead of the 2024 elections. According to him, radicalism is currently widely broadcast via social media.

“This issue has become the main focus in the world of politics and people’s lives, and is often used for political purposes or politicization,” said Muhammad Saleh.

Muhammad Saleh appealed to interfaith youth organizations to build good cooperation with the general public, go directly into the community to provide enlightenment, and actively provide appeals through posters or banners against the radicalism that is spreading.

The issue of radicalism, he continued, often arises from complex social and economic backgrounds. His criticism of approaches that only focus on aspects of religion or ideology is an important highlight. A holistic approach, taking into account social, economic and educational aspects, needs to be applied in efforts to prevent radicalism.

This Kupang Muhammadiyah figure emphasized that prevention must be based on inclusion, evidence, and focused on prevention, involving the government, TNI, Polri, political party leaders, and society, including youth, to uphold human rights and unity within the framework of common interests.

In a similar vein, Indra Ramadhan, Chair of Himapala, Muhammadiyah University, Kupang, said that radical terrorist movements have the potential to grow rapidly ahead of the elections.

“In the 2014 and 2019 elections, radical groups held democracy parties to fight for their ideals of replacing Pancasila with a caliphate system,” said Indra.

Indra emphasized that if intolerant attitudes are not handled well, they have the potential to develop into radicalism, which can ultimately lead to acts of terrorism.

“The pattern that is often used is using identity politics, producing hoaxes, spreading hatred and even politicizing religion. “All of this is used as fuel to gain electoral support,” he continued.

According to him, it is important for the younger generation to recognize the characteristics of people or groups who adhere to radical beliefs. This is because Indonesia’s future lies with the younger generation, especially in facing the Golden Indonesia 2045.

He also invited the younger generation to actively participate in creating a democratic party that is free from radicalism while still upholding national values, tolerance and unity in the 2024 elections. 


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