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Communities Work Together to Actively Maintain Post-Election Unity


General elections (Pemilu) are often a tense period in the political life of a country. After the election ends, a major challenge arises in maintaining unity amidst political differences that may grow stronger. It is important for the government to work together to maintain unity after the election.

Maintaining unity after the election is a shared responsibility for all elements of society. With strong cooperation and commitment to strengthening democratic values, we can overcome political differences and maintain unity as the foundation of national and state life.

Assistant for Government and People’s Welfare of the South Kalimantan Provincial Secretariat, Nurul Fajar Desira, said that maintaining unity and unity after the elections is a joint task of all levels of society to maintain this democracy so that it continues to develop for the better, including the role of the media which is very important.

Mass media has an important role in shaping public opinion. They must be responsible for providing balanced coverage and avoid fueling divisions. It is important for the entire community to avoid all provocations and conflicts that could disrupt stability and peace.

In this case, the Chief Editor of the Banjarmasin Post, Royan Naimi, said that his party wanted to carry out one of the functions of the media to provide space after the chaos of the elections so that they could reunite. He also hopes that what was different in the last election can come back together to advance South Kalimantan to become one of the better provinces.

The success of holding the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) in Indonesia has become an international spotlight praising the maturity of democracy in this country. The Indonesian National Army (TNI) and the Indonesian National Police (Polri), as well as the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) deserve to be appreciated for their role in ensuring the smooth running of the democratic process and maintaining a conducive security situation during the voting stages.

Strengthen democratic institutions such as parliament, courts and election monitoring institutions to ensure fairness and sustainability of the democratic process. If post-election conflict occurs, it is important to begin a process of national reconciliation to heal social wounds and strengthen unity.

Promoting inclusive and comprehensive political education is very important so that people better understand the importance of cross-party cooperation and respect for differences of opinion. The community has a crucial role in maintaining unity after the election. They are the main movers in creating an atmosphere of political harmony and building bridges between groups with different views.

Political and socio-cultural communication observer from the Indonesian Muslim University (UMI) Makassar, Hadawiah Hatita, said that it is important to strengthen unity after the 2024 election with a political communication approach. If there are frictions that were overcome through political communication some time ago, political communication is used again to unite everyone. elements of society. The euphoria of channeling political rights must be accompanied by real work so that after the election everything returns to normal and development can continue.

In this case, the 2024 Operation Mantap Brata (OMB) Socialization Sub-task Force carried out outreach activities or appeals to the general public around Jalan Gatot Subroto, Besusu Tengah Village, East Palu District, Palu City, Central Sulawesi. This activity aims to encourage the community to maintain unity and unity in order to create a safe and peaceful post-2024 election situation during the recapitulation counting stage.

Director of Community Development (Binmas) of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police, Police Commissioner Denny Jatmiko, SIK, said that this activity was part of his party’s efforts to maintain a conducive situation after the 2024 Election. In this way, community unity and unity can be maintained.

The community is expected to maintain harmony and unity, be wise in responding to situations, not be easily provoked by news that contains elements of division, and always create a safe and peaceful environment after the 2024 elections.

Unity and unity is something that must be maintained and maintained. Apart from maintaining unity and unity, the public is also advised to be aware of the potential for division and conflict, and to continue to respect each other’s political choices.

Communities can initiate and participate in dialogue between different political groups to build understanding and mutual respect for differences of opinion. Strengthening the values ​​of tolerance and inclusiveness in society is the key to avoiding political polarization after the election.

The community has a very important role in maintaining unity after the election. By strengthening the values ​​of tolerance, inclusiveness and active participation, as well as overcoming challenges such as social media polarization and political manipulation, society can play a positive role in building political harmony and maintaining state stability.

Maintaining post-election unity is a significant challenge, but critical to a country’s stability and progress. By implementing strategies such as inter-group dialogue, comprehensive political education, promotion of tolerance, strengthening of democratic institutions, and post-conflict recovery, societies can work together to rebuild political harmony and strengthen the foundations of their democracy.

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