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The public must be wary of KST Papua’s efforts to spread hoaxes and carry out provocations


The entire community must be aware of the efforts of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) which continues to spread fake news or hoaxes and carry out provocations with the aim of further dividing the integrity of the Indonesian nation. So far, the gang has continued to use various methods, including provoking the public with propaganda or spreading fake news or hoaxes on many social media.

It is hoped that the public will not believe the hoaxes spread by KST Papua because if the public believes it, then the terrorist gang’s efforts to spread threats and fear among the population will be realized. Apart from that, they also never stop seeking public sympathy by spreading the news that the security forces are evil.

The security apparatus is a party that never gets tired of guarding security and peace in society, including preventing various crimes from KST Papua.

In recent days, there has been a provocation that continues to be echoed by KST Papua regarding a video of a National Army soldier suspected of abusing a man who is a member of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST).

Responding to the circulation of the viral video, Intelligence, Defense and Security Observer, Ngasiman Dyojonegoro alias Simon emphasized that he believes that the TNI will certainly act very professionally and proportionally if there are soldiers who are proven to have committed abuse.

All acts of misconduct by individual soldiers will clearly be dealt with and dealt with according to applicable procedures as a form of responsibility, if chivalry and also the professionalism of the security forces towards all society in Indonesia.

On the other hand, this nation is actually facing a dilemma of its own, especially in facing the threat of non-state actors such as the KST Papua atrocities because there is no clarity regarding how they are held accountable for the many incidents they themselves carried out.

Therefore, the public should not only look at an incident, especially one related to the separatist group independently or singly, but there must be a series of other incidents that have also occurred before.

Data shows that in 2023 alone, KST Papua lost up to 61 people’s lives as a result of their very brutal actions, of which 26 were members of the TNI, then 3 others were members of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and the remaining 32 were citizens. completely innocent civilians. It’s not enough to just kill, this group of terrorists also carried out many attacks on various public facilities (fasum) such as community health centers (puskesmas) and schools in the Land of Papua.

There are still many sadistic cases of them, namely rape of civilians. Then, if many such brutal incidents have occurred, then how and who should be held accountable? There is a dilemma in seeing cases that occur in Papua as a conflict area that sometimes uses weapons, whether from state actors or non-state actors.

Even so, the priority of the security forces is to continue to fully maintain the safety of all civilians, especially indigenous Papuans (OAP) from harassment by KST Papua.

Head of the Indonesian Army Information Service (Kadispenad), Brigadier General (Brigjen) Kristomei Sianturi said that the Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) General Maruli Simanjuntak had ordered the Army Military Police (Pomad) to thoroughly investigate the case of abuse of Papuan KST members by unscrupulous soldiers. The investigation will also be assisted by the Siliwangi Pomdam. Everything will be investigated, including how all the soldiers are connected to the case.

So far, 42 people have been questioned regarding this case, with 13 of them being named as suspects because there are indications that they actually committed this act of violence.

Pangdam XVII/Cenderawasih, Major General (Mayjen) Izak Pangemanan has also ordered that the thirteen alleged perpetrators be temporarily detained at Siliwangi Pomdam with a warrant stating that they will be detained under maximum security installations.

Kadispenad deeply regrets the acts of violence committed by these soldiers and emphasizes that such actions are unlawful. The Indonesian Army has never taught or justified acts of violence to ask anyone for information, including KST Papua. Such actions are highly unlawful and will be prosecuted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Security forces always provide all their soldiers with appropriate SOPs, rules of engagement and humanitarian laws in order to carry out operational tasks in the field. So with this, the public must also continue to increase their vigilance regarding KST Papua’s efforts to continue to spread a lot of hoax news and provocations, thus making the situation even more confusing.

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