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Community Collaboration to Prevent the Spread of Radicalism


The emergence of radical and intolerant groups has the potential to become even greater ahead of the 2024 General Election. These groups are taking advantage of the momentum of the 2024 Presidential Election by playing on religious, ethnic, racial and inter-group issues to provoke the public. Generally, this group spreads false information or hoaxes in various online media.

Radicalism is sometimes difficult to identify. Radicalism cannot only be seen from appearance or behavior, but from one’s thoughts. Radical ideology can target anyone and not be known to the general public. The reason is that young people are still energetic and are looking for their identity

The issue of radicalism is often one of the most challenging issues faced by countries throughout the world. Especially Indonesia, which is rich in diversity. This is what radical and intolerant groups are trying to exploit to spread their understanding to society. If radicalism enters the formal political level, it will certainly cause chaos. Therefore, society and the government must work together to build democratic life ahead of the biggest democratic party in Indonesia.

If we look at the experience of the 2014 and 2019 Presidential Elections, which is a testimony to the history of the last decade, the mobilization of religious, racial and ethnic (SARA) identities has triggered social tensions in multicultural societies. So that ahead of the 2024 General Election, attention to political radicalism must become deeper and more significant. So that this potential can be suppressed and minimized.

Head of BNPT, Komjen Pol. M Rycko Amelza Dahniel said that currently there is an increase in terrorist activities such as funding, radicalization, recruitment and consolidation of terrorist cells. This activity targets three vulnerable groups, namely women, teenagers and children. With this phenomenon, BNPT is committed to increasing synergy in carrying out terrorism prevention programs in several regions on the island of Java. This step is taken to build community resilience while simultaneously reducing the spread of radicalism. He said resilience will be formed when society has knowledge and awareness of the dangers of radicalism and terrorism. Apart from prevention, this synergy will also be intensified to strengthen deradicalization programs for former terrorism convicts (ex-convicts).

The public is advised to be alert to any provocative content or news spread by radical and intolerant groups. Literacy in the digital space needs to continue to be promoted in order to minimize hoaxes, disinformation, hate speech and radicalism, especially ahead of the presidential election which will be held on February 14 2024. Apart from that, cyber patrols need to continue to be encouraged so that the security and social security situation is safe and conducive.

Deputy Chairman of the East Kalimantan DPRD, Muhammad Samsun, said that society needs to continue to apply the values ​​of tolerance as the main basis and condemn all forms of extremism, and emphasize the importance of respecting each other’s differences. In the midst of increasingly complex global challenges, maintaining unity and tolerance are key principles for maintaining the country’s security and stability. Society needs to have a spirit of shared responsibility to strengthen national values ​​that uphold unity in diversity. The first step in creating a tolerant society is to continue to increase understanding of cultural, religious and ethnic diversity in Indonesia. Multicultural education must be strengthened, not only in schools but also through various social media and information.

It is important to continue to empower youth, as potential agents of change. By providing social skills and education, youth can be at the forefront in rejecting radical ideas and promoting the values ​​of tolerance ahead of the elections.

By understanding and appreciating these differences, society can build a strong and united nation, and reject all forms of radicalism that can damage the diversity and unity of the Republic of Indonesia.

Efforts to prevent radicalism, terrorism and hoax content are carried out to ensure a productive and healthy national situation. Apart from that, public awareness of radicalism content must also be increased, because if not, society could be influenced and have an impact on their social life.

If radicalism enters the formal political level, it will certainly cause chaos. Therefore, society and the government must work together to build democratic life ahead of the biggest democratic party in Indonesia.

Radicalism is an understanding or ideology that is not in line with Pancasila, the basic ideology of the Indonesian state. Radicalism can have a negative impact on young people, both individually and collectively. Therefore, there needs to be efforts to prevent radicalism in young people.

In facing the political year, the government is actively trying to ward off various threats, especially radicalism, which can damage the country’s stability. This threat can penetrate various levels of society, both directly and indirectly. Therefore, individual awareness plays a key role in anticipating the influx of intolerant ideology. Education and increasing public literacy about the dangers of radicalism are important steps in maintaining social integrity. Individuals who have high awareness and adequate knowledge can be at the forefront in fighting the spread of radical ideas. The key to overcoming this problem is building strong self-defense, supported by accurate information and concern for national values. In this way, efforts to prevent radical ideology can be carried out effectively, maintaining community unity and safety amidst complex political dynamics.

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