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Apkam to Improve Security for the 2024 Election from KST Papua Disturbances


The 2024 General Election (Pemilu) will be an important moment for Indonesia in strengthening democracy and maintaining national stability. Elections are a democratic event that must be carried out in full safety and peace. In the 2024 elections, security is receiving serious attention, especially in areas that are the basis of social and political conflict, such as in Tanah Papua.

For this reason, the presence of a strong security apparatus (apkam) is very important in maintaining election security. Apkam as an effort to improve election security in Papua will involve cooperation between the community and other important elements.

The success of the 2024 elections in the Papua Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) base areas will depend greatly on the steps taken to strengthen security. Appreciation of Election Security is an important effort in securing the 2024 elections in the region by building humanitarian stability and strengthening democracy in Papua.

Head of Public Relations of the West Papua Regional Police, Kombes Pol Ongky Isgunawan, said that an inherent security system will be implemented at voting stations (TPS) for the 2024 Election by adjusting three categories: safe, vulnerable and very vulnerable. This security pattern aims to ensure that voting and counting of votes can take place without interference from KST Papua.

One of the keys to success is involving the government, security forces, political parties and the public who are willing to participate in maintaining and creating conditions for safe and peaceful elections. This is an important first step in building trust between all parties involved.

Not just strengthening the presence of security forces in Papua, but also involving active participation from the community. The public has an important role in reporting any potential security threats that could disrupt the stability of the election. By involving the community in monitoring and supervision efforts, Apkam ensures transparency and fairness in the 2024 elections in the KST Papua base area.

Sorong City Bawaslu Violation Handling and Dispute Resolution Coordinator, Abdul Kadir Kelosan, said that in order to ensure the security of the 2024 Election from potential disturbances caused by KST Papua, Apkam is intensifying preventive and responsive measures in the area by increasing patrols, strengthening inter-agency cooperation, and increasing supervision against suspicious movements and activities. The aim is to minimize potential disturbances and provide a sense of security to voters. Apart from that, the dialogical approach and empowerment of local communities is also strengthened to build trust and cooperation in maintaining order and security during the 2024 election process in Papua.

Apart from that, the Asmat and Papua Village Democratic Association Congress (ADKAP) stated that the success of the 2024 elections in the KST Papua base area will also be determined by efforts to empower the surrounding community. In this case, Apkam needs to provide support and training for the community so that they have the skills and knowledge to be able to participate actively in the election process.

The concept of Safe Papua must also be supported by concrete steps to support humanity and provide protection to vulnerable communities. Apkam must be able to encourage collaboration between the government and civil society organizations in ensuring human rights and peace in the Papua region. In this context, Apkam must involve non-military security elements such as community protection institutions, human rights organizations and other non-governmental institutions to maintain regional conduciveness and strengthen peace in the 2024 elections.

Security stability and democracy are the keys to maintaining national unity and unity. For this reason, Apkam must be able to bring democratic values ​​into the election process and strengthen the political participation of the Papuan people. In this case, understanding and education about the importance of elections, the rights and obligations of voters, as well as the importance of upholding democracy must be the main focus of Apkam.

Apkam is not only the only response to efforts to strengthen security leading up to the 2024 elections in the KST Papua base area, but is also a signal and initial step from the government and all stakeholders to create conducive conditions for the creation of safe, peaceful and democratic 2024 elections. . In this case, it must be implemented professionally and maintain the neutrality of the security forces in carrying out their duties.

Apkam’s success in strengthening security leading up to the 2024 elections in the KST Papua base area is the shared responsibility of all parties involved. In order to achieve this success, solidity and cooperation from all parties must be well established. Solidarity and cooperation from all parties is the key to achieving success in strengthening security towards the 2024 elections in the KST Papua base area.

Without strong support and collaboration from the government, security forces, election monitoring institutions, civil society and all other stakeholders. Therefore, there needs to be a joint commitment to work together professionally and maintain the neutrality of security forces in carrying out their duties. With good synergy and coordination, Indonesia will be able to run the 2024 elections successfully, reflecting a strong democratic spirit and realizing the ideals of a safe, peaceful and democratic country.

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