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Condemning KST Papua’s Atrocities, Again Persecution and Killing of Civil Society


Papua, a fertile land with cultural diversity, unfortunately continues to be plagued by the shadow of terrorism. The Separatist Terrorist Group (KST) is still practicing violence against Indigenous Papuans (OAP), fueling concerns about the potential for conflict that will not subside.

Commander of the Joint Regional Defense Command (Pangkogabwilhan) III, Lieutenant General TNI Richard TH Tampubolon, in a firm voice, warned that this violence must end immediately.

Richard emphasized that the latest tragic incident that befell two OAP women, Ima Selopole and Animira Kobak, who became victims of severe abuse by KST Kodap XVI Yahukimo, was a form of cruelty that could not be tolerated.

Ima Selopole was seriously injured as a result of a knife attack, while Animira Kobak faced a more tragic fate when she died due to injuries to her genitals caused by a sharp weapon.

This incident rocked the lives of the people at the Kampung Baru Muara Bonto garden location, Jalan Paradiso Bawah Km 4, Dekai District, Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountains, on Wednesday (11/10).

Richard highlighted an astonishing paradox, where a group that claims to be fighting for the interests of the OAP community turns out to be the perpetrator of sadistic violence against fellow citizens.

“How is it possible that in the name of fighting for the interests of the OAP community, if the work is to brutalize, rape and kill sadistically by stabbing a knife into the genitals of OAP women?” Richard asked in a concerned tone.

KST Kodap XVI Yahukimo was identified as the perpetrator, along with the location of the incident being in the group’s distribution area.

Richard stated that to achieve security and prosperity in Papua, all elements of society, without exception, need to unite in maintaining security stability. The Commander in Chief reaffirmed the TNI/Polri’s commitment to providing a safe, peaceful and prosperous Papua, with firm and measurable law enforcement.

This is not just rhetoric, but a deep call to jointly overcome the threat of terrorism in Papua. The safety and welfare of OAP cannot be underestimated, and security must be prioritized so that efforts to accelerate welfare development, as mandated by Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2020, can be successful.

In this context, we received responses from two sources, human rights activists in Papua and an academic who has a deep understanding of social dynamics in Papua.

They agreed that this incident must be used as momentum to build cross-sectoral solidarity to suppress the presence of KST in Papua.

According to them, a comprehensive approach that involves the active participation of the community, stakeholders and security forces will be more effective in tackling the threat of terrorism in Papua.

The academic emphasized the importance of a community-based approach in resolving the conflict in Papua, which not only includes security aspects but also fulfills the basic rights of the community.

Meanwhile, human rights activists highlighted the need for transparency in law enforcement and protection for victims of violence.

In this way, the condition of a safe, peaceful and prosperous Papua can be realized not just as an ideal, but as a reality felt by every Papuan citizen.

We invite all levels of society, including the mass media, to become guardians of the truth and prioritize common interests for a better future. Let’s fight together against KST’s atrocities in Papua and build a safer and more prosperous Papua for all.

The atrocities that befell Ima Selopole and Animira Kobak were a serious blow to Papua. However, this sadness must be a trigger for positive change. Through unity of determination, we can ensure that terrorism no longer has a place on the land of Cendrawasih.

In memory of Ima Selopole and Animira Kobak, let us unite in the spirit of resistance against atrocities. Ensuring that security and prosperity are the rights of every Papuan citizen.

Working together, let’s leave behind the barriers of differences and together build a Papua that is safe, peaceful and prosperous.

Let’s make this tragedy a turning point towards a better future, where peace is no longer a dream, but a reality that we enjoy every day.

With togetherness and determination, we can create a Papua that is proud not only for its own citizens but for all of Indonesia.

Richard TH Tampubolon reminded that Papua’s security is a shared responsibility. The TNI/Polri will continue to be committed to realizing a safe and peaceful Papua through firm and measurable law enforcement to create a prosperous, advanced and modern Papua.

Let’s support this commitment with real action and be at the forefront of maintaining security and prosperity in Papua.

As children of the nation, we all have a responsibility to work together to fight atrocities and build a better future for Papua.

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