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Security Forces Collaborate with Cross-Sector Agencies to Realize Safe Elections


The key to success in providing safe and peaceful elections is that optimal cross-sectoral cooperation is needed, starting from the ranks of the security forces, regional government, religious leaders, community leaders, general election organizers and the wider community itself, including the youth.

Welcoming the democratic party and political contestation in the General Election (Pemilu) in 2024, the security forces are trying to continue to establish cross-sectoral synergy to further strengthen all preparations in facing the five-year leadership circulation in Indonesia.

All parties then conveyed their aspirations, that all of them really wanted all stages of the General Election process to take place safely, smoothly and peacefully. Therefore, it is very important and necessary to have very good cooperation and effective collaboration between all relevant agencies in order to ensure smooth running.

All parties from across sectors must have an understanding first and align their vision and mission between all stakeholders or related stakeholders. To guarantee this, the security forces from the ranks of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri) are also ready and have a very strong commitment to carry out maximum work and also believe that security for the 2024 elections will be carried out well, so that political contestation can take place. with full peace.

Meanwhile, not just from the ranks of the security forces, but for the smooth implementation of the upcoming General Election, if it is desired to run smoothly, it is also important that there is cooperation from the local Regional Government (Pemda).

In fact, the local government itself also really hopes for optimal integration with the local community, active participation carried out by the community is also something that cannot be taken lightly, because this is no less important.

To be able to get active participation from the community well, it must also be accompanied by an increase in knowledge among the people in the country, where Indonesia itself consists of many people with various different and varied backgrounds. Therefore, outreach and education regarding the 2024 Election regulations need to be carried out and intensified so that they reach all corners of society.

The unification of the vision and mission from across sectors is a very important first step to be able to further prepare for the security and smooth running of the upcoming General Election. All agencies are expected to be able to work together optimally to maintain security, order and the smooth running of the General Election.

This also includes the existence of a joint agreement which must also be able to be presented because it will be the basic basis for the direction of cooperation that will be built and carried out cross-sectorally in ensuring that it runs successfully, safely and conducively.

The democratic party that this nation wants to run in the future is indeed a shared desire, so that all parties are expected to be able to work together well for mutual success. Because, if the election can be presented as a ‘party’, which makes the whole community join in the excitement and joy of welcoming it with joy, then national stability will also be maintained safely, smoothly and conducively.

Moreover, if all of these things can be implemented optimally, then with the upcoming 2024 General Election, it will also further maintain the climate for the implementation of democratic principles implemented in Indonesia, thereby also enabling society to present future leaders who are in line with expectations and can increasingly advancing this country to compete on the world stage.

It is also not overlooked, not only from the security forces, the local regional government to the community, but what is also no less important is that synergy can be well established between the election organizers themselves, such as the General Election Commission (KPU) and also the Election Supervisory Body. General (Bawaslu).

Apart from that, the role of the Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) and also the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in efforts to further support the creation of the entire implementation process and the series of elections can take place safely and peacefully is also important.

Because, this is able to bring people to be able to maintain harmony with each other, even though they have different beliefs or have different opinions and political choices because this is a necessity in a country that implements democracy.

Across sectors, from security forces, local government, community leaders, religious leaders to the wider community itself and also young people, each has their own roles and functions in collaboration and active participation to work hand in hand, bringing about safe and peaceful elections in Indonesia.

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