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Create a Peaceful 2024 Election, Avoid the Politicization of Religion


Jakarta — Chairman of the Pro Jokowi-Amin HMI Alumni Exponent, Ato’ Ismail stated that it is very important to keep the 2024 election event peaceful.

“The 2024 election is one of the democratic agendas that needs to be maintained so that Indonesia remains peaceful,” he said.

For him, one of the ways to create peaceful elections is to avoid the practice of politicizing religion.

Of course, Ato’ added that discriminatory identity politics in the name of religion should not be practiced.

The reason is, politics wrapped in SARA will cause a lot of divisions like in many other countries, namely Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and others.

In a similar vein, the general chairman of Baitul Muslimin Indonesia (Bamusi), Hamka Haq, also said that the 2024 elections would be peaceful without the politicization of religion.

“National peace needs to be created towards the 2024 elections without the politicization of religion,” he said.

The man who also serves as Chairman of the DPP PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) for Religious Affairs explained that the existence of conflicts in the name of ahama will indeed lead to divisions.

Moreover, when an election is approaching, the conflicts that occur for him are usually due to the political ambitions of certain groups.

“Political ambitions that want to control other groups, who want to live alone in this country and ignore the interests of other groups,” said Hamka.

With this political ambition, according to him, it is indeed very damaging to the ties of brotherhood.

“It’s political ambition that destroys ties,” he continued.

He then invited Muslims to continue to maintain peace in society.

“Don’t be a pioneer of division. Don’t become a source of commotion in a peaceful Indonesian society,” he said.

According to him, the key to being able to continue to maintain peace is to have an obedient belief and also continue to be loyal to Pancasila.

Referring to how at the time of the Prophet when the people of Medina obeyed the constitution, they were able to live side by side with Christians and Jews.

“They live in peace in Medina, guarding the constitution. In the Medina constitution, all religions in Medina, especially Christians and Jews, are recognized for their existence,” said Hamka.

Hamka also explained that there is absolutely no religion that actually teaches conflict.

“Because I believe all religions teach peace. There is no religion that teaches conflict,” he said. []

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