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KST Actions Trigger Papuan People’s Unrest


The Papuan Terrorist Separatist Group (KST) has driven hundreds of Papuans to leave Yahukimo in droves. This happened because of a security disturbance launched by KST.

Due to this incident, commercial flights were unable to operate, and local residents were crowded in line to enter the Hercules aircraft owned by the Indonesian Air Force (AU).

Two commercial airlines, Trigana Air and Wings Air, decided to temporarily stop flights to Yahukimo as a result of shots fired by KST.

However, the District Government of Yahukimo asked Trigana Air and Wings Air to reopen services to residents, and promised to guarantee safety.

This KST action is no joke. It’s been more than a month since Susi Air’s pilot, Captain Philips M, has been held hostage by the KST Group. In fact, the plane with flight number SI 9368 was burned while at the Paro airport, Nduga Regency.

During that one month, KST continued to spread terror to TNI-Polri soldiers on duty in Papua and even to civil society. Especially in areas adjacent to the KKB.

The terror carried out by KST in the Yekuhimo Region is similar to what happened on December 30 2022. They opened fire on the guard post for the Integrated Police Service Center (SPKT) of the Yakuhimo Police.

The second terror attack was carried out by KST against the Kali Brimob Post made on Jalan Gunung, Dekai Yekuhimo District on December 31, 2022, at around 05.28 WIT. Shooting was carried out from the front and left side simultaneously.

Furthermore, KST also shot Dandim Yakuhimo Lt. Col. Johanis Victorianus Tethool and two TNI members were shot, while one member died. The incident occurred on March 11, 2023.

Apparently, the terror in the Yahukimo area was not only carried out by KST. Because on March 11, 2023, a Trigana Air plane was shot at by a number of people with the initials NN, EG, TS, DM, EW, NP and EG.

Because there were still a number of terror attacks in Yahukimo Regency, schools in the Dekai district had to be closed since March 15, 2023. The KST terror also forced 261 people to leave Yahukimo by using the Indonesian Air Force’s C-130 type Hercules A-1315 aircraft to Jayapura.

Previously, on Sunday 12 March 2023, the YPK Metanoia Dekai Elementary School building had been burned down. The group that set fire to the elementary school building also shot commercial planes carrying civilians. It is not justified to shoot at commercial airplanes containing civilians, especially if they include their own relatives.

To provide security at Yahukimo, the Papua Regional Police have added 40 Brimob personnel and 20 TNI personnel to back up the Yahukimo Police. This is in the context of restoring security and public order. Then the plane was boarded by the Yahukimo people to go down to Jayapura.

Papuan civil society definitely wants peace in Papua without the sound of bullets from KST’s weapons. The security forces, both TNI and Polri, have the duty to eradicate KST with the aim that the Papuan people can live their lives safely without any terror.

For the various troublesome incidents perpetrated by KST, of course it is sufficient reason that KST deserves to be eradicated because this group has received no sympathy at all from the public.

What has been done by KST seems to have only undermined the happiness of the Papuan people. KST’s actions only hinder the development that is being promoted by the government. Development in Papua could be hampered if the area becomes a KST nest to spread threats and terror.

Naturally, then civilians in Papua would support the arrest of KST members. This is because the people are tired of the various acts of the KST which often spread terror.

KST itself has a track record of causing riots, not only civilians who are victims, TNI-Polri officials are also victims of KST’s barbaric actions. Schools, airports and government-owned health facilities have become targets for KST to spread terror to the people of Papua.

Of course, the pinning of the terrorist label for KST is not without foundation. Because Law Number 5 of 2018 states that a terrorist is anyone who plans, mobilizes and organizes terrorism .

Terrorism has the meaning of acts that use violence or threats of violence that create an atmosphere of terror or widespread fear that can cause mass casualties or cause damage or destruction to strategic vital objects, to the environment, public facilities or international facilities with ideological, political motives . and security. Therefore, KST should be eradicated, don’t let KST act again to make people in Papua uneasy over KST’s brutal actions.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Gorontalo

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