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Creating a Prosperous Society, Government Accelerates Development of Papua


Papua, a province located at the eastern tip of Indonesia, has great potential for economic development and improving the welfare of its people. With abundant natural wealth, rich cultural diversity, and the uniqueness of the Indigenous Papuans (OAP) who are valuable assets, Papua has a great opportunity to develop the economic sector and improve the quality of life of its people. Since the publication of Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2017, Accelerating Development of the Papua region has increasingly become the Government’s concern because the incessant development of Papua will improve the welfare and economy of the community.
Creating a prosperous society is the main goal for every government. This is also the main focus for the Indonesian Government in developing the Papua region. Through intensive development efforts, the Government is trying to improve the welfare of the Papuan people, especially OAP. Development in Papua does not only focus on the infrastructure sector, but also on the economic sector. The government understands that strong economic development will be the foundation for the prosperity of the Papuan people. Therefore, various steps have been taken to strengthen the economic sector in Papua.

One of the sectors that is the main focus of Papua’s development is the agricultural sector. Papua has fertile and abundant land, as well as various types of plants that can be developed. By exploiting this potential, the Papua regional government has promoted agricultural programs aimed at increasing food production, reducing imports and increasing farmers’ income. By increasing agricultural production, it is hoped that new jobs will be created and people’s income can increase.
Previously, the Acting Governor of Papua, Ridwan Rudalamun, said that with equitable development, the community would become more advanced. As a result, the welfare of the Papuan people will increase and investment will continue to come. Papua will become a developed, prosperous and equal region like the island of Java and other areas. Equal development.
Apart from the agricultural sector, the tourism sector is also a sector that has the potential to improve Papua’s economy. The unspoiled natural beauty of Papua and the cultural diversity of Indigenous Papuans are an attraction for tourists both from within and outside the country. Government support in developing the tourism sector, such as building tourism infrastructure and promoting Papuan tourist destinations, will help increase the number of tourist visits and tourism sector income.
To support these steps, the Government is also increasing accessibility to remote areas in Papua. Good infrastructure will make it easier for people to develop their economic potential. Built roads and improved transportation access will make it easier to transport goods and services, thereby opening up new opportunities for people to increase their income.
Infrastructure development is an important factor in improving the economy and welfare of the Papuan people. The construction of better roads, ports, airports and electricity networks will facilitate the accessibility and distribution of goods and improve connectivity between regions in Papua. This will help accelerate economic growth in the area and provide direct benefits to the community.
In supporting Papua’s development, the role of OAP is very important because they have unique knowledge and expertise in utilizing Papua’s natural resources in a sustainable manner. The Papua regional government has involved OAP in the decision-making process and implementation of development programs. This step aims to ensure that development in Papua involves active and fair participation from local communities, so as to improve their welfare.
Minister of Agriculture, Andi Amran Sulaiman said that Indonesian youth must have strong and intelligent character so that they are able to become successful leaders and entrepreneurs in the future. The most important key is to innovate, have strong determination and work hard. Through holding the Millennial Agriculture Forum (MAF) in Bumi Papua as a form of the Government’s efforts to improve welfare and economy in Bumi Cendrawasih. This was done to educate and provide strong motivation and enthusiasm for the indigenous Papuan people to improve their quality.

Intensive development in Papua is not only aimed at improving the economy, but also at creating a prosperous society. The government is committed to improving the quality of life of the Papuan people through various sustainable development programs. By increasing accessibility, economic empowerment, education and health, the Government hopes to create a prosperous and independent Papuan society which will later create a developed and prosperous Indonesia.
In conclusion, intensive development efforts in Papua are a positive step in improving community welfare. Through infrastructure development, economic empowerment, education and health, the Government hopes to create a prosperous and independent Papuan people. However, to achieve this goal, support from the Papuan people themselves is very important. With cooperation between the Government and the Papuan people, development in Papua can run well and provide real benefits for the community.

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