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Maintaining Harmony During the Election Dispute Hearing Period


General elections (Pemilu) are important moments in a country’s democracy. This is a time when the people have the opportunity to make their voices heard, elect the leaders who will represent them, and determine the direction of the country for the next few years.
However, as often happens, elections can also trigger tension and polarization in society. Especially during the process of counting votes and determining the results, this tension can reach its peak. Therefore, maintaining a peaceful situation after the election results are announced is very important to maintain the stability and development of the country.
The 2024 election in Indonesia has become the public spotlight because it is considered an election full of challenges. Complex political issues and the increasing use of social media as a tool for disseminating information and opinions make the situation even more complicated.
After the election results were announced, the main challenge faced was how to manage tensions and differences of opinion peacefully, while ensuring political stability and national security were maintained.
One important step that must be taken is to increase dialogue and communication between the various parties involved, such as the government, political parties and civil society. They need to sit down together to discuss sensitive issues and find mutually acceptable solutions. By holding open and inclusive dialogue, we can reduce tensions and strengthen trust between parties.
Apart from that, maintaining security during the post-election period is also very important. Strict legal action is needed against law violations and provocative actions to prevent more serious riots and conflicts from arising. The Indonesian National Police (Polri) has taken steps to secure every stage of the 2024 Election by deploying joint personnel.
The National Police, with 4,691 joint personnel, has anticipated security disturbances after the determination of the election results. They are involved in Operation Mantap Brata 2024 whose focus is to secure every stage of the election. The National Police have also succeeded in mapping demonstrations related to election disputes and claiming that the situation after the announcement of the election results is still safe and conducive.
Community participation plays a central role in maintaining a conducive situation after the election. The community is expected to be actively involved in the monitoring and supervision process, as well as providing support for efforts aimed at creating peace and stability. Apart from that, the importance of political education should not be ignored.
The public needs to be given a deeper understanding of the importance of democracy, respect for differences of opinion, and peaceful resolution of conflicts. With good political education, society can face political issues with a wise and rational attitude.
KH Embay Mulya Syarief, General Chair of the Mathla’ul Anwar Executive Board (PBMA), has invited the public to maintain national and state harmony after the determination of the 2024 Election results by the General Election Commission (KPU).
Although there may be dissatisfaction with the results of the recapitulation, it is important to follow established procedures. More than that, the public is reminded to always maintain national unity and unity in all conditions.
In the era of globalization and technological development, the role of mass media cannot be underestimated. Mass media has great power in shaping public opinion and perception. Therefore, the mass media must be responsible for presenting accurate and balanced information.
They must also avoid reporting that is provocative or inflammatory so as not to create an unfavorable situation in society.
However, in facing the ongoing election dispute at the Constitutional Court (MK), the public must remain vigilant. Political observer Ujang Komarudin emphasized the importance of society not being influenced by elite conflicts in elections.
According to him, a conducive atmosphere has been felt since the regional to national level recapitulation process was carried out by the General Election Commission (KPU). He hopes that people will remain calm and not be influenced by narratives of conflict between political parties.
Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly Hidayat Nur Wahid also emphasized the importance of MK judges acting fairly and having the courage to uphold the truth. He said that a fair and correct decision would be more acceptable to anyone, both the loser and the winner.
Maintaining harmony during the election dispute trial period is not an easy task. However, with the cooperation of all parties, including government, political parties, civil society and law enforcement agencies, we can face this challenge wisely and responsibly.

Ultimately, we all have a responsibility to ensure that our democracy remains strong and stable, even amidst tensions and differences of opinion. We must remember that unity and integrity are the foundation for the nation’s progress. By maintaining post-election harmony and security, we build a strong foundation for a better future for future generations.
Let us continue to strive to strengthen democratic values, respect differences of opinion, and resolve conflicts peacefully. With cooperation and shared awareness, we can move forward as a united, dignified and peaceful nation. Hopefully Indonesia will remain a stable and prosperous country, where all citizens feel safe and respected, including differences in political views.

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