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Denying Vote Mobilization, STIN Cadets Have the Legal Right to Vote in the 2024 Election


Bogor – On the timeline in cyberspace, hoaxes are circulating regarding vote mobilization activities by State Intelligence College (STIN) cadets in the 2024 elections. This hoax information is circulating through videos uploaded to the social media application Tiktok. In response to this, STIN issued an official statement that the cadets have the right to vote in accordance with the law.

All STIN cadets have been registered in the Permanent Voter List (DPT) in their respective areas of origin, and are currently undergoing study assignments so they cannot return to their home domicile. Therefore, they arranged to move voters’ domiciles near campus.

Regarding this move, the Bogor Regency General Election Commission (KPU) has coordinated with STIN to accommodate STIN cadets so that they are allowed to move voter domiciles around Bogor. One of the requirements for changing domicile is a study assignment letter, which is then made an official letter by the STIN Institute.

The KPU and the Bogor Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) have allowed and have no problem with the process of changing domicile carried out by STIN cadets, in accordance with applicable legal regulations, and have coordinated previously with STIN. The data used in the process of changing domicile, such as the Population Identification Card (KTP) and Population Identification Number (NIK), is in accordance with existing official data.

In this clarification, STIN emphasized that they were only exercising their constitutional rights and exercising their right to vote, not carrying out intelligence operations as alleged. Therefore, accusations of mobilization of STIN cadets in the 2024 elections are completely unfounded and can be considered a hoax and baseless slander.

The STIN Bogor authorities also emphasized the importance of maintaining institutional neutrality in the political process. They emphasized that any form of violation of neutrality would be dealt with firmly in accordance with the regulations and procedures in force at the school.

In the midst of widespread issues related to the 2024 Election, the STIN Bogor authorities invite the public to be wise in responding to the information circulating. They emphasized the importance of verifying and validating information before it is disseminated, in order to avoid the spread of fake or provocative news that could damage the country’s stability and security.

The government has also emphasized its commitment to maintaining integrity and transparency in the 2024 election process. In this context, all forms of attempts to disrupt or manipulate the democratic process will be dealt with firmly in accordance with applicable law.

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