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It is not true that there will be a mobilization of STIN cadets in the 2024 elections, purely to exercise the right to vote


Rumors circulating that stated that there was a mobilization of State Intelligence College Cadets (STIN) to vote in the 2024 elections were strongly denied by related parties. According to the official explanation, STIN cadets have the right to vote in accordance with the law.

STIN cadets, all of whom have been registered on the Permanent Voter List (DPT) in their respective areas of origin, are currently undertaking study assignments and have not returned to their domiciles. Therefore, they arranged to move voters’ domiciles near campus.

Through coordination with the General Election Commission (KPU) of Bogor Regency, STIN cadets are allowed to move their voter domiciles around Bogor. One of the requirements for changing domicile is a study assignment letter, which is then made an official letter by the STIN Institute.

The data used in the process of changing domicile, such as the Population Identification Card (KTP) and Population Identification Number (NIK), is in accordance with existing official data.

The KPU and the Bogor Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) have allowed and have no problem with the process of changing domicile carried out by STIN cadets, in accordance with applicable legal regulations, and have coordinated previously with STIN.

In this clarification, STIN emphasized that they were only exercising their constitutional rights and exercising their right to vote, not carrying out intelligence operations as alleged.

Therefore, accusations of mobilization of STIN cadets in the 2024 elections are completely unfounded and can be considered a hoax and baseless slander.

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