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Determining the future fate of the nation, the active role of youth in elections is very important


In the near future, the Indonesian democratic stage will roar again with the General Election (Pemilu) in 2024. At this moment, the involvement of young people or millennial voters is the main focus because they have great potential to participate in determining the future direction of the nation.

Without a doubt, elections are the main foundation of Indonesia’s democratic system, which requires active participation from various levels of society to maintain the continuity of a healthy democracy.

The continuity of elections in Indonesia cannot be separated from the fact that this country adheres to a democratic political system. Along with this, free and regular elections are the main sign that a country truly implements democratic principles.

Even though it is often faced with various obstacles, holding elections remains a solid foundation for this country to continue moving towards more mature democratization.

However, the essence of elections is not only about direct decision-making mechanisms by the people, but also about granting rights and authority to citizens.

With the implementation of elections, the Indonesian people have the ability to directly elect political representatives and leaders, a right that gives power to the people’s voice to carve a future in accordance with their aspirations.

When looking back at participation in previous elections, the data shows that in the 2019 elections, the participation rate reached around 90 percent. Meanwhile, in the 2020 Pilkada, the participation rate decreased to around 70 percent, influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this figure still illustrates how important the role of the people is in voicing their right to vote.

In this context, Ahmad Mustain Saleh, Chair of the General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) of Bangkalan Regency, emphasized that the role of youth or the millennial generation is very crucial in every change in Indonesia.

By referring to various concrete actions that have been carried out by young people previously, Mustain encouraged young people to return to the democratic stage in the 2024 elections.

The active participation of young people is not limited to just being voters. Mustain hopes that they will help monitor and criticize the course of the election, involving themselves in all aspects of the election to ensure the continuation of quality democracy in Indonesia.

According to him, collaboration between voters, election organizers and various other stakeholders is the key to the success of the 2024 elections.

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of the Central Java DPRD, Sukirman, also took part in supporting youth participation. He realized that the millennial generation had a large share, reaching 55 to 60 percent of the total voters.

Therefore, the Central Java DPRD is committed to embracing, inviting and encouraging the active involvement of the younger generation in the 2024 Election.

Sukirman believes that intimate communication and a correct understanding of elections and politics in general are the keys to getting maximum participation from young people. In his efforts to change the negative perception some young people have towards the world of politics, he emphasized the need for a more personal approach to provide an accurate understanding.

The importance of political participation of the younger generation is increasingly emphasized by Sukirman. According to him, participation is not only about choosing leaders, but also criticizing, understanding and being actively involved in the democratic process.

He emphasized that involving young people in various political roles, such as becoming cadres or election participants, can have a positive impact on the development of democracy in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, challenges remain. Sukirman highlighted that there are still young people who are skeptical of the world of politics, considering it hard, dirty and only focused on power.

Therefore, the role of all parties, including the media, is very important in providing a correct understanding of politics to the younger generation.

An optimistic attitude also came from the Deputy Chair of the Central Java DPRD regarding the role of digital media. He wants the media to be maximized as an information tool for millennials.

It is hoped that the media can help disseminate correct, correct and accurate information to increase the younger generation’s understanding of the importance of political participation and the right to vote.

With all these efforts, it is hoped that public participation in the 2024 elections will reach a higher level. Sukirman believes that involving the younger generation will not only form quality leaders, but also ensure the continuation of healthy democracy in the country.

In conclusion, determining the future fate of the nation really depends on how Indonesian youth are actively involved in the 2024 elections. Their participation is not only as voters, but also as observers, critics and promoters of democracy.

Therefore, let’s work together to build awareness of the key role of youth in welcoming a better future for Indonesia through the 2024 election democratic party. Move immediately, because the fate of the nation is in our own hands.

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